Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking Back...

2011 was an odd year! I knew it would be a difficult one and back in January wasn't entirely sure I would get to the end without some kind of meltdown.

2011 has consisted of: three jobs, one redundancy, two company closures, two months of unemployment, leaving our home of 4 and a half years, putting our whole life in storage 250 miles apart (Hull & Sussex!), lodging with a crazy lady, being homeless for 6 weeks or so, living out of B&B's (staying in one place where the bathroom was ripped out whilst we were at work, no joke, no shower that day either!) oh and buying a house.  Phew talk about one or two changes!

We also did some pretty exciting things too, we went to Ireland for a family marriage blessing, met some brilliant new people in Oxfordshire, kept in touch with some lovely people from home, bought a house (fun as well as stressful!) oh and discovered an excellent pub within cycling distance!

On a personal blogging level, I attended Plus London 2011, and went to FSS both of which were a lot of fun. I put together some half decent outfits or I think so at least! My favourite being this one:
My favourite outfit of 2011: pictured on  a remote part of the west coast of Ireland.
This photo makes me feel like a mermaid! 

I gathered one or two new followers! I am so grateful for all you patient people who follow me and my ramblings! So would like to give a shout out to a few folk who read my posts and take time to comment, apologies if I've missed any of you out, I only went back a couple of months before I realised I have to get off the sofa soon!

Wishing everyone who reads my little corner of the internet a Happy new year, however you celebrate it! Will see you in the new year!

W x

Wood Shed Chic!

Well here's the last OOTD from 2011. I picked up this ensemble whilst down in Brighton. The key Pieces are from H&M. I think H&M is appealing to my toned down side at the moment. I am usually full of colour but just lately I have been feeling muted shades, not sure why, but I guess that's the transitory nature of fashion! 

I can't find these trousers on the H&M website, interestingly BiB seems to have transformed into H&M+ I guess a name change maybe means they are thinking about the plus side, fingers crossed they can pull out some cracking pieces next year.

Anyway back to the trousers, they are a lovely tweed material which hasn't come out on these photos very well. They are a size 26 (seriously I think I can call BINGO on my H&M size card since I do believe I have something in every size of the BiB/H&M+ range!) I wouldn't wear these trousers with a top any shorter than this as I'm not keen on the fitting around the front, although they are high waisted which is a must in trousers for me. They are a touch long when standing still, although I think they are just about OK for regular height me!
The cardi is also H&M BiB/+ (again can't find on the net) I love the buttoned cuff detail, finally details on plus clothing, hurrah! The beige is a new colour for me, a year ago I wouldn't have touched it, let alone hand over hard earned cash for it! This is a L (which I think is the smallest size they do! lol!) I may have bought and XL if they had one but since I never wear a cardigain buttoned up I tend to go for smaller sizes.  
Onto the bag, mmm... the lovely bag! It's from Yoma in the lanes in Brighton eek! me in a boutique, usually there a bit too frightening! I had my eyes on it back in summer, and was going to splurge some redundancy on it (£75- much higher than my usual bag budget!), although in the end common sense prevailed and instead I bought things like an ironing board kettle and toaster. Well they still had it last week and my lovely other half bought me it at a sale price of £40. In the end it was an agonising choice as I liked its big brother too!
Bag @ Yoma
Top @ ASOS
Cardi @ H&M
Trousers @ H&M
Boots @ Evans
Necklace @ Next

p.s. do you like the location? It's the wood shed that my talented man made? I'm so proud of him and his super fly woodworking skills! Plus we stocked it with enough wood to keep us warm throughout the winter! Mmm toasty toes!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

London Blogger Meet 2012

Somehow I'm still awake, past 11pm and I'm still awake, wohoo for holidays! Anyway since I'm awake I thought I would elegantly articulate ramble on about London Blogger Meet 2012.

Everyone's favourite monkey is organising the 2012 event. There's a twitter and a tumblr and facebook event, here's the tumblr as this is where it's all going on.

I will hopefully be supplying some cake (wendy_cakes is not just a screen name you know!) There will be all sorts of excellent exciting things going on!

Already looking forward to it!

Upstaged by a Mermaid!

He, he! I've been to Brighton again! One of the fantastic things about Brighton (there are many!) is the street art, this photo op was too good to pass up! Although I didn't count on being up staged in my OOTD ...fair play to her she is a gorgeous auburn haired beauty! 

Another great thing about Brighton is having the chance to dress up. On this occasion I broke out my new swallow print bird dress from New Look. This was a rather guilty purchase, since I bought it (on-line!) just before Christmas for myself! (ooh I'm so naughty!) I'm so glad I did! Anyhow on-line this dress looks pink. but it really is a salmon colour. It happens to go with my salmon cardi, also bought from New Look, last year. I think an advantage of buying things from certain shops is their helpful wallet emptying way of stocking 'things that go with other things'!

Still this dress is great, it's made from a casual jersey, it's easy to dress down and is warm and well constructed, plus it has pockets (I'm really warming to hands are too!) The gathering at the waist is stretchy and drapes really well. I ordered a 24 but I could have got away with a 22 easily, I guess that's one of the downfalls of not having a new look close by, It's not easy for me to try on now :-( This dress has been washed and I'm happy to report it washes and dries well (Iron not needed, woop!) Overall this dress is a big win!

This dress is available here. in some sizes (incidentally the one that appears pink is salmon and I spyed the blue one today instore which is actually green, confusing eh?!)

Dress @ New Look
Cardi @ New Look
Leggings @ Evans
Boots @ Next
Belt @ ASOS

Leopard print Yorkshire bottom!

So here's something a bit different! I wasn't sure about a leopard print mini skirt, It's something I would have worn as a teenager, but I'm supposed to be growing up, not down! Anyhow since leggings are in for the foreseeable future I have been steadily investing in dresses, tunics and now apparently mini skirts!

Originally I was thinking of wearing a tunic with this skirt but I settled for a shorter top in the end. This skirt is actually great, my plan is to wear it with neutral colours, in an effort to create a classier look.

My bottom is perched on a little piece of Yorkshire in Oxfordshire, This was taken outside the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxfordshire and is a boulder taken from the beach on the East coast of Yorkshire, which is odd, it's like a little piece of home!
Top @ ASOS curve v.old but my favourite
Cardi @ Evans
Skirt @ New Look
Leggings @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Boots @ Evans
Necklace @ Accessorise

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello lovelies! Since the festive season is upon us Happy Christmas to one and all!

I'm finally starting to get excited now, the work is mostly done (besides tidying my house and cooking Christmas dinner!) Today the other half and I cycled to the next village along and went to the pub for lunch. We decided that we needed some daylight therapy! Sounds daft but we have been going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and not getting any daylight, it felt great getting some sunshine and fresh air!

Anyhow it was an ideal opportunity to wear my very special Christmas jumper. This Jumper is a one off hand knitted original by my amazing mum. She is very talented!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

H&M Party Dress

Well things are pretty busy here as usual! Working, getting ready for Christmas, cleaning, cooking, shoopping, and of course partying! My party season has been a bit more sedate this year.. although you wouldn't think so as I've racked up three turkey dinners so far! 

Last night we attended a party at a swanky rooftop restaurant the invite was through the other half's work so I didn't know anyone! I decided to wear a toned down dress from H&M. I know there's not a lot of love out there for H&M's plus line but this is one blogger who would miss them if they vanished.

H&M's negatives include a limited range not stocked by many stores along with very poor sizing. Looking on the bright side (as always!) when they get it right, they really do get it right, I love this dress!
Dress @ H&M
Cardi @ New Look
Shoes Carvella @ TK Maxx
Handbag ?
Tights ?!

This dress is lovely to wear, It cost £30 but feels like an £80 dress. The satin is sturdy and not particularly shiny (I hate very shiny satin, urgh!) there are also pockets in the front of the dress (something I know is popular, I'm not too worried about pockets, I always have a pretty handbag!) Lengthwise its just below my knee, which is handy as when seated it remains decent! Onto the negatives, this dress is hard to get hold of and essential to try on - this is a size 28, which is ridiculous, I am around a 20-22. I have only found a few places where the BiB range is stocked Hull, Brighton, Crawley and Reading are the best in my travels.

I hope your Christmas preparation is going smoothly, I am dreading the fresh veg run but looking so forward to having a break! Happy partying! w x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yours tunic, stumbled upon and likely to be worn to death!

Hello lovely readers! Well things have been as busy as usual here, lots of Christmas preparation, not enough blogging!

Anyhow I have purchased a few bits and bobs recently, despite trying not to!  I've been on the search for a cheap black longline top to wear with a leopard print mini skirt that I bought from New Look. This outfit is a by-product of that unsuccessful shopping venture!

I bought this top this top from Yours when I went to Hull. Its a good solid basic that can be styled up in different ways. Although the jersey has a tendency to be a little clingy the cut on this is pretty good, it clings a little on the hips but not so much on the bottom of the tumi, this is also a size 20. The leggings in the top shot are also a size 20 and are from Evans (wow 2 retailers agreeing on size for once!) As an aside... I was only musing the other day how I have everything from an 18 to a 28 in my wardrobe, which is nuts, would you really expect someone who is a size 10 to have size 20 clothes in their drawers? I think not.
...anyway back to the leggings, they are actually pretty good, kinda like tights but footless comfy and much more likely to survive more that 10 minutes wear! Hey Evans any chance of popping some feet in them? Perhaps might be a technical challenge, but with boundless reward!
 Anyhow here's my first look (at my folks house)...
Tunic @ Yours
belt @ ASOS curve
Leggings @ Evans
Necklace @ Next
Boots @ Evans
hair by Toni & Guy - a new cut for the festive season!

 Onto my second look, this was a friday night, I had chapped sore lips, hence the red cover up, I did noting with my hair other that pull through a bit of Pantene Ice shine serum. I actually like this look, despite feeling very rough (has been a bit of a theme lately- I seem to be having trouble settling into winter this year-maybe its because of being in a new county, maybe sussex turned me into a bit of a softie!) I do love my kickflares, I think at heart I will always be a kickflare kinda gal!
Jeans @ Evans
Belt @ Next
Boots @ Next

Hopefully I will be blogging my new party dress (bit of another unplanned purchase!) soon! Its from H&M and is a more demure look than usual (read as 'less sequinny'!), as my christmas party season has become a bit more sedate this year, which I'm not too upset by, just haven't had the same gusto for the christmas do this year, thus far 2011 has been quite a challenge, I will be more that happy for new years eve. I really do need a break.

I hope your party season is going well folks! Until next time.. w x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Howdy my lovelies, hope you have had a great week. I have been mainly sniffling and sneezing this week, although I refuse to accept the onset of winter, so whilst there are still leaves on the trees I am going to show you another autumnal outfit.

I bought this top in Evans in Hull last weekend. My mum pointed it out as she thought it has some great colours in it, I think I have to agree! It's a great bridging piece, since it has brown, burgandy and blue which means it goes well with black leggings and brown boots or with jeans too. So whatever I pull out of the ironing pile then! This picture is a bit bleached out as my camera seems to have problems with bright daylight at the moment, grr! This top is a sz 24btw, its a little big but my plan was to belt it.
 Here's me trying 'serious' I think we can all agree that it's not my look: goofy smile it is from now on!
Top @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Belt @ ASOS curve
Leggings @ evans
boots@ evans
necklace @ next

Whilst we are on the subject of winter, here's my new winter coat. It's from New look (here) and again is a mum pick... she is pretty good at shopping. I really wasn't in the market for a new coat but hey ho it found it's way home with me! Now then, I don't usually go anywhere near double breasted stuff but this seems to work. These photos do not do it justice, this coat is much better in the flesh- the colour is better.

New look have billed this as a military style coat, I'm not so sure, its just a well cut double breasted coat. The pockets are in just the right place, the gathered sleeves are cute and it's lovely and warm. This is a sz24 btw.
OOTD's are always better when next doors cat invades!
coat @ New look
scarf @ New Look
hat @ new look

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Something a bit different plus a gorgeous pair of Evans boots.

Hello lovelies I hope you are all well!

This weekend was great it involved shopping, lots and lots of shopping! 

I felt the need for an unscheduled trip home to Hull this weekend. Hull is a fabulous city in my humble (and completely biased!) opinion, the shopping is Excellent! As far as plus size shopping goes it's as good as it gets we have a New Look with full inspire section, two Evans, a Yours, a H&M with BiB, a Huge Monsoon, a two floor Primark and a rather big M&S. Given that I grew up there that may be why I'm spoilt when it comes to shopping! (perhaps we need a simply be too hint hint!)

Anyhow first here's an outfit I've been slowly assembling for months:
First the no longer available:
Bag @ M&S
Belt @ Evans (with Jeans)
Leggings @ Evans

Now the stuff you can still buy (just!):
Cardi @ H&M (size L 18-20)
Cami @ Asos (size24)
Boots @ Evans (see below for size help!)

I love the above photo it was an impromptu photo call in-front of the Humber Bridge because of the amazing sunset! Here are some more:
The detail on this camisole is very pleasing-for £12.50 it is a total knock out! The fabric is fairly thin (it is a summer top) and a 24 is a little big on me, but I wanted to belt it so I didn't mind more fabric.
Ooh look a side-on sitting down photo, since I've got my legs out I may as well get adventurous with the posing! I think this is my worst angle ever but in all fairness this is what I look like! 

On to these fab boots- I am in love with these boots!
I bought these in a size 5, they are the EEE wide fitting. These babies are available here

As mentioned earlier I am spoiled being able to go to Evans shops on my travels. I know some folk can't get  to a store, so here's some measuring:

From the floor to the top of the boot is 14inches (36cm) the circumference of my calf at the top of the boot(widest point) is 17inches these boots are snug on me at the top  -17 inches is the top limit for these boots. The fur unfolds if you wanted to wear more brown on show (the same measurement restriction applies, 17inches is the limit)

My ankle is 9 inches (23cm)  these boots (as with all Evans boots) are roomy on my ankles I reckon you could get away with an ankle circumference of 11 maybe 12 inches.

I have loads more reasonably priced/sensible booty to show you- I am trying to buy sensible things! Now we have the house I have to break it gently to the party dresses and accessories that they can't come home with me :-(