Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bring Back the 50's!

Hey folks, first of all thanks for the lovely comments and support in the last post, it really is appreciated I love reading your comments! 

Things are ticking along here and despite everything being a bit up in the air we are surviving! The thing is we are trying to buy a house at the moment, and due to a ridiculous set of circumstances we are currently homeless! Bleigh! Putting outfits together is pretty tricky at the moment, as we are living between Yorkshire Sussex and the boots of our cars, sleeping in B&B's Parents houses and the generosity of friends with sofa beds and spare rooms! Every time I want a necklace or pair of shoes I realise they are 350 miles away in a different county!

Still here is a dress I bought back in April, It is from Evans and is totally awesome! (six months ago I didn't think I'd be saying that!) Alas I can't find it on-line any more but there are similar styles out there on line at Evans and style369(which I still think of as Evans!), its a prom dress with a very classy neckline and gathered waist and tie at the back. This is a size 26 though! -I'm not a size 26, I am a size 20-22 in Evans Jeans- hence I am still reluctant to buy on line. I might add that its a perfect fit though, no alterations safety pins or breathing in required! The fabric is light and the skirt is very full, It's perfect for us 50's wannabes! (The other half and I are into Mad Men at the moment!)
Dress @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Shoes @ Tesco - £10 and bought yesterday, so if you're quick you might pick some up!
Belt @ Next
Cardi @ New Look (currently in the shops too)

here are some more pics (sorry not good quality on a slow broadband connection)

I hope you lovelies are all getting on OK. I was very sorry to miss BBB, alas with being homeless at the moment getting there was difficult, I came tantalisingly close as I drove through Sussex last Saturday, but not close enough! It looked like fun!

I will try and check in again soon, I have a Ruby Rocks dress to show you, although It's not quite how I thought It would be (the sleeves are a different sort of a cut than I was expecting and I can't work out if they're meant to be like that or the sizing is odd!) Has anyone else ordered the Ruby Rocks Hawaiian print black floral dress what do you think?

Anyway I had better go now I have lots to do! Keep well everyone.