Saturday, 24 March 2012

OOTD Pushing the Boundaries: Short Shorts!

These shorts were an impulse buy from New Look. It's a bit out of my comfort zone to wear something high waisted with a tucked in top. Since it was a hot day so I decided to throw caution to the wind and pop them on. We took a cycle ride to the next village along and had a drink at the pub, they were really comfy even on the bike. I bought a sz24, mind you I never buy jeans from new look since they usually don't fit me right (they are normally baggy around the top of my legs). I'm still a bit unsure as to if these jeans will be a wardrobe regular, they do require a leap of faith in the tummy on show department, I do think they will come in very handy on hot days, since full jeans can get so hot.

This week has been my first week in the new job and I am sapped of all energy! The commute is 45 minutes each way and though its an easy drive it's taking some getting used to. Starting a new job is always difficult,  meeting new people and learning new things is exhausting! I have been in bed by 9 most nights, the laptop has not been switched on all week!
We are incredibly lucky to live close to this beautiful countryside. I am quickly learning to love Oxfordshire it has altogether less trees than Sussex but a bit of sunshine makes the world a beautiful place.
Speaking of sunshine I got three loads of washing done today!
Just to prove I'm on my bike here it is! I am getting gradually better at biking the first time we did this route I had to keep stopping but I can get quite a bit further before I have to stop now, surprisingly I have only been a handful of times. It's a shame rain and long working hours put a stop to weekday bike rides :-( There is a pretty big hill at the end which I love whizzing down! (I do have a helmet btw. it has flowers on it!)
Cami @peacocks
Shirt @ NewLook (couple of years old)
Shorts @ New Look
Leggings @ New Look
Shoes @ rocket dog (both pairs!)

So what do you think? Rocking Jean shorts or a fail?! How did you spend time in the sunshine?

Coffee and Thoughts about the Blog.

When I have a free Saturday I tend to get up hours before the lovely Dr James and potter around downstairs. One of my Saturday pleasures is squaring up the living room nice and tidy, making a coffee powering up the laptop and having a read through the weeks blogs. This is a much more focused and self indulgent spot of ‘me time’ than the odd glimpse on my phone throughout the week.

This week Vera and I sat down for a coffee.

Yeah Vera is my all time favourite drinking vessel and I’m sure I will cry if ever she gets broken. I read a couple of posts, in particular monkeys thoughts and this one from Mrs B along with Em's thoughts (mainly on twitter.

I attempted to write how I feel down, but it’s tough going so I stopped then Vera watched whilst I painted my nails my favourite shade ‘Forever’ by 17.

Then we had another coffee, and I think I figured out what to say.

Sometimes the blog world is quiet sometimes it’s loud, sometimes the blog world is at rest and sometimes agitated.  There are many facets to our community different blogs have different undertones from fatshion to FA to relationships to health. Blog content is a personal thing, no two blogs are alike.

I have been blogging since Jun 2010, I started to showcase the things I wear and share thoughts because finding decent plus clothes that are as fashionable as their straight size counterparts is difficult. I also found if I didn’t make an effort I just looked very scruffy and unkempt. I thought my experiences might be helpful to other gals looking for decent clothes! I have always put a lot of effort into shopping and dressing so why not share it? Some gals were already doing this successfully and were a real inspiration.

For some time now I have been trying to figure out my feelings on this whole blogging world. I must say I have been feeling something hasn’t been right and for Em to open the dialogue validated my feelings, and forced me to think about them, so this is it:

The community has grown and changed over the past couple of years that I have been involved. People come and go, some folk I identify with, some not so much. Sometimes I feel momentarily overloaded by reading sponsored posts and event summaries. Sometimes I worry the blog world makes me want to spend more money than I should.

Then I remember I have made genuine flesh and blood friends through blogging who I will happily eat drink and be merry with! I know lots of gals on-line who I actually care about, what's happening in their lives and how they are. The benefits of this game by far outweigh the negatives.

So my blog will continue to move on in its own haphazard direction, I will endeavour to bring decent photography, full length shots, along with ramblings from my life. I will continue to vote with my feet and buy and review things that I like. I will attend to odd event, mainly for a good old natter but I will bear the secondary consequence of eating cake with grace. 

If things get a little much for me I might be quiet for a couple of weeks, but I’m not going anywhere!

On that note I think Vera and I deserve another coffee, have a superb Saturday out there in the sunshine folks!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

OOTD New Look Colour Block Tunic

This was a total impulse buy. I was in no way looking to buy a new tunic but it just happened! I love shopping in Hull with my mum although she is very good at persuading me to buy stuff (not that much persuasion is usually required!) This isn't the kind of style I would usually go for I tend to like closer fitting arms I'm not a kimono top gal, It looks like I made an exception!

(The styling on this is a little thrown together-would love to have a necklace- but I was determined to get a review out before it actually sells out!)
The neck line looks a little big here but it's part of the style and sits quite nicely when I'm not posing! The fabric is quite shiny and feels pretty synthetic although this is part of the draw for this top, It's an unusual heavy weight crisp synthetic. One caution with this top is that a thread was pulling in the belt which I will have to sew up (to her credit the sales lass did take 10% off for me). This fabric is a little unforgiving in bright light and I would recommend a smooth pair of leggings underneath, it still feels pretty nice to wear tho. 
I'm actually quite proud of my legsies at the moment. I'm not doing anything to them other than the odd (and I do mean odd!) cycle ride and lots of walking around at work. In the past I have avoided wearing leggings because of the pre-conceived notion that a sz22 gal shouldn't! I'm glad they are creeping back into fashion and my wardrobe too!  
This ring is fantastic isn't it?! Its from H&M and my mum bought it for me, It's not a perfect match but who cares it's amazing! The flower is from my glass arrangement on my windowsill (from TK Maxx) and sort of inspired the colour combination. I love pretty things and colour in my house!
Tunic @ New look inspire sz 22 Here
Leggings @ Evans
Shoes Carvela via TKMaxx
Ring @ H&M
Nail Polish Violetta No7.

Hope you are all well. In life news I am about to embark on a new job tomorrow and am nervous and excited at the same time. It is a bit of a landmark in my career as it sees my return to a profession that I had all but given up on following my redundancy 12 months ago.  It has been a turbulent year however fate (and a decent interview!) has landed me back into the right spot. I hope to share more including my work wardrobe soon.