Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Weekend In Restaurants!

Well this weekend has been a busy one, we struck out to Brighton two nights in a row for birthday meals. 

The first restaurant visit was on Friday night we went to the Thai restaurant Giggling Squid in the Lanes - It's such a great name isn't it! Thai food is particularly good as cuinsies go it's on the healthier end of the scale it's packed with colour and taste! This restaurant serves up tasty and particularly beautiful food, I think the broccoli bird says it all...

The second Restaurant was Casa Don Carlos also in the lanes, this was the destination for Saturday's frivolities. It is a Tapas restaurant and is just amazing! The food is out of this world - they love to flambĂ© stuff just as much as I love to eat it! The best thing on the menu is chorizo flambĂ©, we had 2 of those for our table! If you are in that neck of the woods and make it there and have room for pudding make sure you ask for a glass of '43' liqueur with it, it's just delicious! (although booking is essential if you do fancy it!)

Anyhow I wore my Ruby Rocks dress and blinged it up with some red, accessories, nails and a lick of red lippy!

I might do a make up post, if anyone's interested let me know!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, what's your favourite restaurant?!

Mystery Fashion Object!

My mum is amazing when it comes to unusual Christmas presents, this year I received this:

'It's lovely' I exclaimed 'Erm.. but what is it Mum?' Once she explained I was very excited!

Can you guess what it is?  Here's a hint... it is pictured in the pub above -in its element!

OK I won't keep you in suspense here's the answer...

...It's a bag hook! It curls up into a little compact sized trinket and slips into your bag, then when you go to a pub with a sticky floor or you're worried that someone will swipe your prized Prada you can pop the hook next to you and dangle your handbag where you can keep a watchful eye on it! Amazing isn't it?!

As to where it came from... only father Christmas (and perhaps e-bay) has the answer!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Get the London Look!

Things have been pretty busy since Christmas, there are just one or two things afoot in life at the moment to say the least! I hadn't had much time to think about the London meet, until yesterday- I had a look at the mini-blog and now I'm quite excited. The venue looks great and the guest list is huge!

There's only one problem left to solve... what to wear?! Is anyone else struggling to decide what to wear?! What's the general feeling? Dressing up for the evening? Or going casual? So so many possibilities! So so many clothes! One thing's for sure I'm looking forward to meeting some lovely ladies! Roll on the 5th!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ruby Rocks It's official!

There's always something you need in your wardrobe.. right? It's like a never ending battle of disintegrating bras, worn out trousers, leggings with holes, tops that get sacrificed to the goddess of dropping your dinner down yourself!?

Well I have been on a buying onslaught this year I have now acquired decent work trousers, jeans that I am happy with, some good staple tops and a full compliment of knickers thanks to M&S and me getting angry with evans ones and throwing them ALL out.

It's time to add something that I never contemplated wearing before.. a day dress/tunic or two! I started with this one then this one. both courtesy of new look, I will try and post an outfit pic. of the blue one at some point.

Now I have a new addition from Ruby Rocks (via style 369 in the sale) I ordered this dress in a 24 as I figured I could live with it being too big but not too small. Turns out it was a good choice as it is perfectly sized for me. It is very comfortable to wear and I didn't feel that I needed to add a belt as it is beautifully shaped on its own. Here are some pics taken in the lanes in Brighton (whilst we were waiting for our favourite Japanese cafe to open - E-Kagen on Sydney Street if anyone is down that neck of the woods!)

Dress @ Ruby Rocks (Via style 369) Size 24
Boots @ Evans
Black top @ ASOS (If I could I'd buy 10 more!)
Leggings - oh any old ones will do to be honest!
Watch @ Gucci (quite elderly now!) 
Glasses @ Prada (getting on a bit too!)

So in Conclusion Ruby most certainly Rocks! I will be keeping my eye on what they have to offer in the coming season!

Anyone else a fan of Ruby Rocks?