Wednesday, 15 August 2012

OOTD Still here!

It's bee ages since my last post, so what have I been up to?! Well not too much buying clothes! I have been trying not to buy too much recently but instead have been wearing the summer wardrobe that I accumulated last year.

I have been spending my fun money on a Kindle and quite a few books, I am quite a compulsive reader when I get going and recently have steamed through the 50 shades trilogy, most of the Hunger Games, a Peter James novel (detective series set in Brighton) and a Matthew Reily (marine action romp).

I did manage to buy a dress recently though. I went into new look with my friend Em and although they didn't have an inspire section I tried on a maxi dress which to my shock and horror actually fits!

dress @ New Look sz 18
cardi @ New Look
bag @ M&S

In other news we have been growing sweat peas... (I say we I really mean the other half)
... and I have been baking cakes! what an exciting life I lead!
Anyhow Just thought I would post to say I'm still here! Hope you are all keeping well!