Sunday, 27 June 2010

Standen and deliver!

Here is a quick outfit post from today, another very hot day but we decided to make the most of it and went to Standen, which is a beautiful small National Trust Property not too far away from where we live. Today has just been too hot for sleeves so here is another rare arm and leg sharing moment. This is not a great picture as it does not do the top justice (it's much more vivid in real life) but it proves that I don't just wear maxi dresses!

Top @ New Look
Belt @ Evans
Shorts @ Evans + DIY shortening!
Sandals @ New Look

Peaches and Cream.

Well today has been fabulous weather so to celebrate I decided to wear something nice! I really hope maxi dresses stay in fashion next year since my wardrobe has sprung another one! I had a voucher to spend last week so I trotted along to New Look during 20% off dresses week. I picked up this lovely maxi, again It's from the regular size section (a size 18) but is stretchy!

This is another great Maxi Dress from New Look, it is really easy to wear, it's 100% cotton, very light and moves beautifully when you walk around. I caught the hemline underfoot a couple of times as there were a couple of loose threads, but that was soon sorted with a pair of scissors! I wouldn't consider peach or cream to be my colours (I'm a bit pale for them) but this dress is such a flattering cut I think I might have just about got away with it! 
Anyhow onwards to Jewelery, this little cutie is from Accessorise. It has all sorts of charms and is gorgeous!  One of the charms did make a break for it today! - luckily I'm a girl who owns pliers! The clasp on this bracelet has a long extender chain, so it can be fitted to any size wrist, if you wear it on the smallest catch the chain hangs down and looks extra cute! At £10 it's not my usual 'bargin bin bangle', but it's a change eh? 
Dress @ NewLook
Cardigan@ NewLook
Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins
Shoes @ New Look
Bag @ Primark
Bracelet @ Accessorise
Whole outfit approximate cost £75
 I recon this could be a great wedding outfit, perhaps swap the bag for a clutch and pop in some earrings and get ready to catch that bouquet!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Diamonds are Forever (nickel and brass not so much!)

I love jewelery, for one thing it always fits!

I picked this little lovely(!) up in Dorothy Perkins, in the sale.
Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins

I am very into gold at the moment and can't resist sharing this little lot. I wear the bangle and the necklace a lot, the bag is a new acquisition, I couldn't resist at £3. I will be using the bag with my summer maxis and gold gladiators!
Necklace @ New Look
Bangle @ Primark
Bag @ Primark

My last gold acquisition is this bracelet (also from DP's) It's better in real life- you don't see the elastic so much, It's a very clever design so fits close to the wrist so keeps your wrist line slender and not bulky.
Bracelet @ Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Kid on the Blog!

After much toying with the idea I have finally decided to start a blog. (please bare with the spelling and grammar (lack of!) its not my strongest suit!)

As the title of my blog suggests I am not average sized gal! I have been creatively shopping for my size for a fair few years now! I have recently been encouraged by the world of plus size fashion blogs and think the on-line community is a great place to share tips and suggestions.

To kick off proceedings here is a selection of my beautiful summer maxi dresses. I am so thrilled that maxi dresses came along! Dresses that actually reach the floor. I have never appreciated summer so much. Usually hot weather means sweltering in jeans or looking awful in shorts, to be both cool and fashionable is fantastic!

First of all a lovely Maxi dress and cardigan from new look, the dress is from the normal size range and is an 18. (normally I'm a 22) It is nice and stretchy around the bust and doesn't feel tight like some elasticated things from normal ranges do.
Dress @ New Look
Cardigan @ New Look

Next is a Summer dress from Peacocks, again the normal range, this is an 18 again but has lots of stretch. It is one of those dresses where the waistband is where the dress stops at the back - hence the black bandeau top (dorothy perkins-sz 20) underneath. I apologise for the photo, this dress was the outfit I chose to spend a sunny afternoon in the pub so I'm a little tipsy!
Dress @ Peacocks
Bandeau Top @ Dorothy Perkins

Last but certainly not least is my favourite summer dress of all time, it is from H&M and at 40quid was nearly above what I would spend on a day dress. It is a 2XL (although size does not seem to have any meaning in H&M!) This dress is truly fantastic. It is light and always feels cool to the touch it moves in a beautiful floaty manner and I have had so so many comments on how great it is. Last of all it washes and dries so well without needing to be ironed, it's like magic! The cardigan is from new look as is the necklace.
Dress @ H&M
Cardigan @ New Look
Necklace @ New Look