Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas OOTD, DIY!

This year I decided to make my own Christmas party outfit, I found this amazing poinsettia fabric whilst I was up in Hull back in October. I took inspiration from the 50's as I feel most comfortable in this kind of cut. I took a dress that I already had(from new look!) and made a pattern with dressmakers pattern paper, then I just got stuck in with the scissors and the sewing machine!

As for the party it was great fun, there were far too many seriously bad drunken dancing pictures. 

Hope your parties have gone down well!
Dress handmade
Shoes @ M&S
Belt @ Next
Shrug @ Evans

Sunday, 2 December 2012

OOTD: New Look skull print top

Howdy folks,

Too long has gone by without a post! Things here are OK, winter has truly set in and a lack of daylight and seemingly working all the time makes it hard to get good outfit pictures. I haven't bought a lot in the past couple of months, until a couple of weeks ago when I went a bit mad and bought a few new things! I decided not to buy a new Christmas party outfit this year so got a few ordinary clothes instead.

Anyway this top is from New Look, I actually went and tried a few things on whilst visiting a friend. I really enjoyed actual shopping since I don't live near a decent New Look anymore :-( This jumper is a sz20-22 and is nice and roomy. Skulls are not something I thought I would wear but I actually surprised myself! My friend Em bought the same top(in the main sz line) in silver.
Top @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
boots @ Evans

 We also have a new member of the family. May I introduce Penny and she is very cute and fluffy! She is also developing quite a character. Aside from sleeping she loves chasing things, sitting on my chest as I try to surf the net and standing on my face whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

OOTD & Where my Evans Boots have been!

Just a quick OOTD from yesterday. We went for a bike ride to the village pub for lunch, given that I wanted to look respectable when I got there I decided to ditch the usual trainers and jeans for my nice new top from Next, purple Jeggings from Sainsburys and Evans knee high boots.
Boots @ Evans
Top @ Next
Jeggings @ Sainsbury's

I tried on a pair of purple skinnies in Evans but I was a little on the fence, I kinda wanted to try out the purple skinnies trend but decided to leave it then I came across this pair of Jeggings in Sainsburys (for half the price!), they are a size 20 and I decided in a moment of madness to just give them a try, and they actually fit OK. Colour wise they go quite nicely with this tunic from Next (sz 22)
The pub is a couple of miles away but the terrain is countryside and involves quite a lot of hills, including a bit that is seemingly uphill in both directions! There was a fair amount of mud around so it seemed like a good opportunity to put the Evans boots through their paces. I have to say they did pretty well, the only niggle really is that the slight bagginess around the ankles caught on my chain guard a little, I really wish they fitted a bit closer in the ankles. Still I think the mud proves that I put these boots to the test and my feet remained warm and dry.
These boots have also been on a trip to see the long man of Wilmington in Sussex. We were at a wedding so I didn't really pack shoes for a hike, I did however manage to get from the car park up the hill to see him a bit closer. Once again these boots held up beautifully in the wet grass and my feet were comfy and dry. 

I guess I will just leave you with a cheezy tourist shot!
Jumper @ Next
Jeans @ Evans
Boots @ Evans

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Get Cutie Iris Starlett Dress

I've been so excited to show you this dress! This dress is from Get Cutie down in Brighton. I went into the shop and tried on the Starlett dress in a size 24. Since it was such a good fit I decided to take the plunge and order one in the Iris print fabric. This fabric is by Michael Miller, and makes a beautiful dress fabric. 

I spent three nervous weeks waiting for the dress to arrive, hoping the sizing was as good as the one in the shop and that the print would suit the style of dress. Well I was thrilled when the package arrived and inside was this beautiful retro vintage cut dress. This is the best shot of the day (my I don't know how to pose pose!):
Size wise this dress is pretty good. There's plenty of room in the bust and the gathering detail on the waist sits beautifully. The fabric is cotton and there's no stretch whatsoever I would say I am the waist/underbust measurement limit for Get Cutie dresses - still I managed to wear this dress all day for a wedding in relative comfort.
The wedding was amazing and the wedding car was just fantastic!
This dress is not for the faint hearted is shows a far amount of cleavage eek! Cheers!
I did manage to coordinate with a bridesmaid (my lovely cousin) by accident! 
Great minds do think alike though!
 Here's my photographer:
 Dress@ Get Cutie
Shoes @ New Look
Purse @ Accessorize
Fascinator @ Accessorize

Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD: Tan and Denim

Just a very quick OOTD. I took the opportunity last Friday to wear my new knee highs over some leggings. I wore this outfit for the car journey up to Yorkshire so I would be nice and comfy whilst driving. We stopped off at our favorite French Patisserie for a croissant for brunch, mmm... I hardly ever eat Croissants nowadays I don't know why really but that makes the occasional one taste even better!

There's nothing new here but thought I would share this outfit anyway!
leggings @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Shirt @ Yours
Cami @ Peacocks

Oooh also received my Get Cutie dress which fits beautifully which is a massive relief! Cant wait to share it!

In other news I picked up some fabulous fabric which I am going to channel into a 50's style dress at some point. Every now and then I have a delve into retro dressing and I have so much fun. Still its all just in the pipeline at the moment so I'll stop banging on about it!

Bye for now!

OOTD: I Heart Houndstooth

I've been hankering after some hounds tooth for about a year now. I spent some time a few months back trawling e-bay for something, to no avail. Finally autumn winter 2012 has arrived and its now raining cats and dogstooth! (OK so no cats, but seriously I wish it would stop raining!) 

I have been looking for the right piece, I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new coat or a dress but this t-shirt and shoes combo from New look has done me nicely! This seasonal injection of hooundstooth set me back £21 which my purse can deal with nicely. I thought I would leave my hair as I usually wear it for these snaps- held up in a bun via the magic of a pen/pencil!

The snood is from Primark, I try not to buy too much in there since I could quite easily hoard scarves/accessories until I couldn't get into my wardrobe anymore for fear of a serious avalanche! (to be honest I'm quite close already, the OH is very patient!)
Shirt @ New Look
T shirt @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Shoes @ New Look
Snood @ Prinmark

 This weekend has been like a miniature holiday we both took a couple of days off and went to visit my folks. It has been nice and relaxing but we are both back to work tomorrow. Still I have enjoyed a few days of nice relaxed dressing.

Hope you are all well w x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Boots and an autumn OOTD

Last weekend I did a bit of shopping! In a way I was dreading the shopping task at hand. Last year my trusty knee high boots finally died (in a variety of ways all at once!) They were comfy wearable sensible and stylish. I was not looking forward to finding some more given the usual available options!

Still I went to Evans, which really is the only place I can try on and buy knee highs. Despite having some quality issues with past Evans boots I decided to give it anther go. I went to Reading and tried on a few different styles, the main criteria was that they had to be wearable on a daily basis and comfy. I was determined to buy black boots, so what did I come out of Evans with?
Yes I bought tan ones! These boots are pretty good. They are lovely and comfy. As for fit my ankles are 9 inches and my calves are 17 inches, They are a little baggier in the ankles than I would like but they are a lovely fit otherwise. I bought a size 5- I am usually a size 7 in new look!
Back to the calf fitting, there are two elastic panels and an adjustable buckle (mine is on the middle hole) although If I put them on the biggest fitting I can get my hand in the boots in addition to my leg! See:
So I would say that you could easily get another inch out of them. Despite their leather look they are not leather which is a shame but the lining of these is just lovely.

I also splashed out on some new jeans from Evans and a top from New look too.
Top @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Necklace and bangle ?!

The jeans are a size 22 regular bootcut and are very comfy, I also have some 20's in the same fit (bought last year) as I tend to find they are quite stretchy but this time I went for comfort! I have my fingers crossed that they will keep their shape.

In other news I dusted off the sewing machine for a craft project...

..and went to Brighton for sushi and general Brighton fun...

...where I ordered another Get Cutie which I cant wait to get my hands on and show you!

p.s. there are a lot of Evans boot sponsored posts going around at the moment, but this one isn't sponsored x
p.p.s. i also don't have shares in hobby craft!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

OOTD Still here!

It's bee ages since my last post, so what have I been up to?! Well not too much buying clothes! I have been trying not to buy too much recently but instead have been wearing the summer wardrobe that I accumulated last year.

I have been spending my fun money on a Kindle and quite a few books, I am quite a compulsive reader when I get going and recently have steamed through the 50 shades trilogy, most of the Hunger Games, a Peter James novel (detective series set in Brighton) and a Matthew Reily (marine action romp).

I did manage to buy a dress recently though. I went into new look with my friend Em and although they didn't have an inspire section I tried on a maxi dress which to my shock and horror actually fits!

dress @ New Look sz 18
cardi @ New Look
bag @ M&S

In other news we have been growing sweat peas... (I say we I really mean the other half)
... and I have been baking cakes! what an exciting life I lead!
Anyhow Just thought I would post to say I'm still here! Hope you are all keeping well!