Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD: I Heart Houndstooth

I've been hankering after some hounds tooth for about a year now. I spent some time a few months back trawling e-bay for something, to no avail. Finally autumn winter 2012 has arrived and its now raining cats and dogstooth! (OK so no cats, but seriously I wish it would stop raining!) 

I have been looking for the right piece, I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new coat or a dress but this t-shirt and shoes combo from New look has done me nicely! This seasonal injection of hooundstooth set me back £21 which my purse can deal with nicely. I thought I would leave my hair as I usually wear it for these snaps- held up in a bun via the magic of a pen/pencil!

The snood is from Primark, I try not to buy too much in there since I could quite easily hoard scarves/accessories until I couldn't get into my wardrobe anymore for fear of a serious avalanche! (to be honest I'm quite close already, the OH is very patient!)
Shirt @ New Look
T shirt @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Shoes @ New Look
Snood @ Prinmark

 This weekend has been like a miniature holiday we both took a couple of days off and went to visit my folks. It has been nice and relaxing but we are both back to work tomorrow. Still I have enjoyed a few days of nice relaxed dressing.

Hope you are all well w x


  1. I love how the pumps match the top such a lovely look xx

  2. nice combination of outfit sound's ow-sum and is this beautiful out is for your office uniform

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