Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD: Tan and Denim

Just a very quick OOTD. I took the opportunity last Friday to wear my new knee highs over some leggings. I wore this outfit for the car journey up to Yorkshire so I would be nice and comfy whilst driving. We stopped off at our favorite French Patisserie for a croissant for brunch, mmm... I hardly ever eat Croissants nowadays I don't know why really but that makes the occasional one taste even better!

There's nothing new here but thought I would share this outfit anyway!
leggings @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Shirt @ Yours
Cami @ Peacocks

Oooh also received my Get Cutie dress which fits beautifully which is a massive relief! Cant wait to share it!

In other news I picked up some fabulous fabric which I am going to channel into a 50's style dress at some point. Every now and then I have a delve into retro dressing and I have so much fun. Still its all just in the pipeline at the moment so I'll stop banging on about it!

Bye for now!


  1. You look fabulous, I love your denim shirt, I am looking for the perfect one still but having real trouble finding one that fits well, might have to take a trip to yours and see.

  2. Thanks honey. This one is still not perfect, it is too big around the arms and chest but is the closest I have managed to find. They are almost always cut super small at the waist in comparison to the shoulders, crazy eh?!

  3. This is my problem :( I have a large chest, and fairly big waist so nothing fits, lol xx

  4. Love this denim shirt, it looks great on you. I have the same problem as Lily above, I can't find one I like but this one looks lovely xx

  5. I cant wait to see what you make. I love those boots xx

  6. Very cute outfit!
    Your blog is fab!!!

    Have a great week

  7. Those boots are fab! And loving your outfit too!

  8. ohhh the combination is great but my combination is my tan and Scrubs for regular use

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