Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cut for Evans

So on Wednesday I had an epic trek up to London, despite the weather. I'm quite British so I love to queue, drink tea and battle through bad weather for business as usual!
I'm so glad I made the effort though as it was great to see the cut collection and lots of lovely bloggers too.

The cut collection has the twitter community split, some like it some not so much. I love colour and print so when I saw the Alice Farrow kaleidoscope collection,  I was excited I certainly fall into the like category. The Rebecca Partington skyscraper is less my cup of tea but I know it went down well on the night it's fashion forward (and if anything I'm maybe not fashion forward enough!) and I'm sure will do well.

So I took a few bits of the kaleidoscope collection into the changing room to try on. I really like the print on the jumpsuit, I took a 24 in which was fine size wise but just not for me! (no pictures I'm vain!) I am so sad this is not a maxi dress as I think it would have had broader appeal. 

The blue blouse and pink pencil skirt are both gorgeous prints perfect for summer
The pencil skirt is a great shape (this is a 22) but i just wouldn't wear it, so sadly it didn't come home with me :-( The print on the top is also great but the straight hem on this shirt is not for me it just doesn't suit my shape as well as the pink blouse (this is a size 24) and came home with me (yes I got my purse out!)
This photo above does not quite do it justice so since it was valentines day on Friday I donned this shirt again and tweaked the styling a bit. Again the photo does not do this shirt justice since by the time we were ready and snapped some quick pictures the light had gone (so you get a rare shot inside my house!) we went to dinner with friends which was odd in a restaurant full of couples but so much fun!

Incidentally I had my nails done at the cut event and they match the shirt which is cool! 

I chatted to some familiar faces and met some new ones (I did a lot of squealing and waving my left hand around, apologie folks!) anyway as usual I did not get nearly enough pictures but here are a couple that I did snap:
The fantastic Caroline and Georgina
Isha and Debs
Charlotte Rosie Caroline and Hanna
George modelling complementary prints looking awesome!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Glinting into 2014!

So once again long time no blog. The last couple of months have been a strange old time. Christmas came and went in a whirlwind, blogging took a back seat as I spent my time keeping on top if work and festive preparations and as we travelled to see family and friends. I had a small and rather sensible flirtation with the January sales which involved getting some practical work tops and trousers and not much else!

Something well and truly made my Christmas this year though; a proposal!

I have been waiting a little while for a proposal, 12 years to be exact! So let's just say I have had a while to think about rings! I was a bit worried about how my long suffering other half would cope with sorting me out a ring, me being exceedingly fussy and all! In the end we went down to Brighton together and visited every jewellers in the Laines! Brighton is a special place for us (I have a slight Brighton obsession don't you know!) and choosing an engagement ring together was a memorable experience. I tried on every ring style out there but having pork sausage fingers inherited from my Dad the delicate solitaires didn't look quite right!(aka a bit lost!) I toyed with emeralds, rubies and sapphires, but in the end we decided on a five stone Edwardian diamond ring.  This ring was made in about 1910 and has 5 'old' cut diamonds, these are hand cut rather than modern machine cut diamonds, and oddly diamonds are just about the only thing where being 'vintage' makes them cheaper! One of the ladies in the shops told us that old diamonds glint and modern diamonds 'fizz' because they have many smaller facets, and I couldn't agree more.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this news on the blog but please forgive me as it has taken me a little while to get used to the idea! I promise I won't bombard you with wedding posts but for a lady who has been patiently waiting for her man for12 years I just had to share my joy! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Evans Coat and boots Love Hate relationship

When I bought this coat an Evans leaflet dropped out of the carrier when I got home. The model was wearing this coat and these boots together! Having already bought both I decided I must have fair taste, which is lucky because I will be wearing this combo until spring!

I LOVE how both of these things look, the coat has a draw string around the waist which gives this coat some shape this is the 24, I tried on the 22 which did fit, to be honest there was very little difference in the fit of the two, the 22 was a bit tighter as you would expect but not lots tighter. I went for the 24 just because I would be most likely to wear this coat over jumpers. The fur on the hood is so soft and the PU trim on the pockets feels lovely, it feels like suede and not at all like plastic. There are two real press stud closure pockets and four fake zip pockets, the fake pockets are a bit annoying since I keep forgetting and trying to unzip them! The fake zip pockets do look good though, the coat would not be as nice without the detail.

I HATE what I'm about to say These two items look great but quality wise they could be better. The boots were 95 quid which is a lot of money and to be honest I would say that the quality is pretty poor for that amount of money. The finishing on the heel started to peel off within two weeks of buying these boots. The stitching is also coming undone in a few places and the heel is wearing already. I should add that I wear these boots to drive to work at which point I take them off and put on safety shoes which I wear all day then I put these boots back on to drive home, so I wear them for about two hours a day! Not good at all. The coat is mostly good but the hood doesn't stay up in the wind (since there are no draw strings or poppers) so when I got rained on at the weekend I just got wet, I felt a bit silly really, like style won over substance.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Autumnal Purchases from Evans and New Look

Since October is one of those change of season months I have inadvertently purchased one or two (Okay three or four, or five) new items. I started the month with a wish list of some new tan boots (which I have already shown you) and a burgandy blazer. So I toddled to Evans and bought the boots and then to New Look to try on a burgandy blazer, this one in fact (in the changing room pic i'm wearing a size 20):
I narrowly resisted buying it in favor of a Jacquard version that I'd seen on line (but wasn't available in store), incidentally I narrowly resisted buying this blue speckled one too! (in the changing room pic i'm wearing a size 22):

(have you figured out I'm jersey blazer obsessed?!)

Jaquard blazer duly purchased on line, Octobers clothes buying complete right?!

Wrong of course! I went to visit my folks and my mum and I fell into the shops. Whilst in Evans I bought a top and a new winter coat! (the coat will be up presently I promise!) The top however I combined with my new boots and new blazer and tah da!
Blazer @ New Look
Top @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Bag @ M&S (old)

I was a bit worried about the Jacquard blazer as It's quite slouchy (perhaps a tad too much) but I have to admit the texture is lovely and now I'm sure I made the right choice. This blazer is a size 20 and is so so comfy. There's plenty of room in the arms and the 3/4 sleeve length is great for me, I love a 3/4 sleeve and I know some folk don't but on this blazer It works well. 

The top is from Evans and is a size 20 too It was a tad tight around the tummy in the shop (I tried on the 22/24 but the dual sizing meant the shoulders didn't fit they were just too baggy) I decided to go with the 20 as I knew I would be wearing a blazer. As it turns out the top relaxed on wearing and I am really happy with the fit. The eyelash lace around the collar is gorgeous its really delicate. Incidentally this top is machine washable and the lace held up well in the machine. I am also happy to report this top has sleeves (hooray!):
This tunic is short, there's no getting away from it! It could be worn with jeans/jeggings or skinnies, but I've gone crazy and worn my leggings, they are thick and this top does cover my modesty! Plus I like the way this top looks with boots.

Aside from buying new stuff and working /driving and sleeping the other half and me went to a pudding evening in a local tea room. This consisted of a light meal and four puddings! I'm not a huge pudding fan believe it or not! (I would sooner have a cheeseboard) the evening was great though, mainly because everything was beautifully presented on vintage china!

As much as enjoyed the experience trying to eat four puddings is not for me, so I won't be taking on the Christmas challenge of five puddings coffee and mince pies! 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pink Clove Review

So it's been ages since I went to London to the Pink Clove bloggers supper -July infact!). Fairly immediately after I bought a Pink Clove frock but hadn't gotten around to wearing it yet. Truthfully I wasn't sure about this particular frock at first. I really wanted to style it simply with heels and sheer tights but it just didn't look right.

Roll on 2 months and now its well and truly autumn I decided to give my Pink Clove frock another go, just dressed down a little. So this is how I wore it:
This frock is not my preferred shape, there's no getting away from the fact that it does cling a bit, for anyone interested in the side profile here it is (sorry -grumpy face for some reason!):
I am wearing a size 22 here which is the right size for me any bigger and the arms and top would be too big. I dare say that shapewear could provide smooth foundation for this frock, I am not wearing any here besides regular leggings. This outfit is so so comfy, we spent the day out and about, went to a museum then dinner then I slouched on the sofa and watched a movie.

As for pink clove in general the ordering process was smooth and the delivery was really speedy, for £18 you cant go wrong!

The boots I'm wearing here are from Evans and are new too. Here's a closer  look: 
Dress @ Pink Clove
Boots @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Bag @ M&S
Belt @ Asos

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Cornish Adventure!

This year our holidays amount to a few long weekends away, we did mean to get away for a week but we had a few things to fix in the house so a holiday has gone on the back burner for now :-( Still I booked a couple of nights down in Cornwall since it's somewhere I have never been before. I am a seaside girl at heart and growing up close to the Yorkshire coast I believe that Yorkshire fish and chips are second to none! -Still being a general food enthusiast I decided to give Cornwall a fair shot at proving me wrong! 

I booked a nice spa hotel (St Michaels Hotel and Spa) with dinner bed and breakfast through secret escapes on a bit of a whim really. I was a bit worried weather the hotel would meet my expectations (for the cost) although I had no need to worry. The hotel was decked out in a really classy nautical theme. The room was lovely, well appointed and clean and the bed was huge and comfy. There's a lovely park and a beach one minutes walk from the hotel. The restaurant was excellent and more than satisfied my food enthusiasm.

In terms of outfits I packed quite a few things since the weather was very uncertain, I did heed some sound advice from the other half who said 'just take what you enjoy wearing!' so that's what I did! In the end we lucked out on the weather though!
Jeans @ Evans
top @ New Look
Blazer @ Torrid
Shoes @ Asda
Tunic @ Evans
Jeggings@ Evans
Shoes@ Asda
Belt @ ASOS (normally I wear a blue one but I packed the wrong colour!

Cornish Ice cream is awesome and these little mini cones in the hotel restaurant were just perfect!
We did a whistlestop tour of South West Cornwall including St Michaels mount:
Mousel or Mousehole
More Ice cream with clotted cream on top, this is very wrong but very right!
and Lands End
Everything @ Evans!
From this post you may think I'm ice cream obsessed which is far from the truth normally I can take or leave it - but I did enjoy Cornish ice cream. The seafood was the star for me though, I can confirm that the fish and shellfish in Cornwall is stunning (no great revelation -I think they know that already!), I mostly had cold crab or grilled fish. As for the Yorkshire v Cornwall fish battle? Yorkshire battered fish and chips will always be my favorite but Cornish crab is something special indeed! 

Oh the cheese I forgot the cheese that was pretty good too! Mmm - Yarg!
Oh and the Beer, Tribute - mmm.
Oh and the pasties - mmm. 

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pink Clove: Bloggers Supper

I think I have to preface this post to add a bit of perspective so here goes: I have always maintained that I am very much a hobby blogger, I dip in and out of the blog when I feel like it. For me blogging is a pleasurable experience because I am essentially just a frock enthusiast. I do not have a super duper camera and I don't have bags of time to do reviews. I am oh so 'British' and believe quite strongly that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything (I am also a big fan of afternoon tea and queuing!) hence my opinions are honest.

Every now and again an invite drops into my in box that excites me and I feel I must expend time and effort be a part of. The Pink Clove bloggers supper invite was one of these exciting e-mails. I must admit I was romanced by the thought of going to Mayfair for dinner and a cocktail (there aren't many gals who wouldn't be!). Before accepting I thoroughly dug through the website and I was really impressed at the clothes on offer. I would buy these clothes because they are just lovely but overall they are affordable.
My day was a feet of precision timing, I was up at 6 to embark on my 35 mile commute to start work at 7:30 so I could leave early, I spent all day on my feet at work then drove the 35 miles home I had precisely 30 minutes to beautify myself before my other half dropped me off at the local station for a 45 minute train ride into London (I am very lucky to live on a great rail link to London). I donned my flat shoes to navigate the tube and the mean (OK actually quite posh) streets of London, then threw my heels on at the last minute and trotted into the beautiful room (last of course!).

There was a lovely dinner table set up and the ambiance was elegant and subtle. There were also some rails of pretty clothes. My favorite theme from the collection is 40's/50's lady, the event really did mirror the clothes.
Shall we get on with my outfit, I wasn't quite how to dress but in the end I went with my new frock form Live Unlimited at Evans. (and yes -I have had my hair cut and haven't quite learned how best to tame it yet! I don't know if I like it - the length and layers just aren't quite right still it grows fast and will soon be long enough to sort it out.)
Dress Live Unlimited @ Evans similar here
All other accessories @ New Look

This dress was great for the event very comfy but still glam and a bit sexy.

Anyhow onwards to the leafing through pretty clothes:
Two of my favorites:
The wrap dress on the left also comes in a gorgeous midnight blue colour, I didn't get a picture of it but I did get to lay my mits on it and the jersey was ridiculously soft and only £18!

My camera was not quite up to scratch on coping with the lighting levels in the room but I did take a couple of other shots:
I was impressed with the basics too -this black pencil skirt would be such a hardworking addition to any wardrobe and at a tenner it's a pretty good price. (I love the teal version too)
I'm going to bombard you with lots of pics of the fabulous bloggers I met and then add some links at the bottom. Needless to say all of the ladies were lovely, and seriously fun to be around!
Not pictured but I also met:
(Yey for twitter which helped me find everyone!)

Last but not least here are the lovely Ladies representing Pink Clove (Bex and Elizabeth) and of course the gorgeous Curvy Wordy in her one off Collectif dress which was just gorgeous! (serious frock envy!)
So to sum up Pink Clove clothes are really promising and super affordable prices range from £12-£40 -seriously some retailers are just getting started at £40. Please believe me when I say the glam event has not swayed my opinion I think that a lot of hard work and thought has gone into creating this range. So I have just put my money where my mouth is and have ordered a frock. I'm will let you know what I think of it in due course!