Sunday, 22 November 2015

Halloween Weekend 2015 Hell Bunny v's Lindy Bop

I haven't dressed up in ages or bought many new clothes, I think saving money for the wedding coupled with diminishing wardrobe space has turned me in to a thrifty and selective clothes buyer!

We decided to go up to Whitby for the Autumn Goth weekend again (which usually falls on Halloween). We didn't have band tickets this time but just decided to hit the fringe events. Usually we do support the main event but spending time in the pubs can be just as fun. Anyway I decided to invest in a new frock (and ended up with two of course!).

There is growing controversy over the Goth weekend, the success of the weekend has increased the number of visitors, the die hard goths are not happy with the 'dressing up crowd' people who hit the streets in cheap fancy dress costumes and who don't necessarily appreciate the music scene. I'm not a die hard goth, I have been on the fringes of the scene for a long time and I appreciate the music and fashion but I don't have a 24/7 goth wardrobe. In life though, I fall squarely in the 'live and let live' category, maybe one of the folks in the 'cheap fancy dress' just hasn't discovered how into the scene they are and it's a way in for them. My first visit to Whitby was intimidating, despite that I have the confidence to dress how I want and I know I don't need permission to be there! For many(including me) Whitby is escapism, it's the chance to wear full historically accurate Victorian regalia or a latex dress! It's as much about planing and gathering outfits and the anticipation of wearing them.

I admire the Gothabilly sub culture so that's where I seek my inspiration. Here are but a few sources (by no means exhaustive) of alternative plus size inspiration:

Lolly Likes Fatshion
Sugar, Darling?
Chubble Bubble
Fatshion Peepshow
My Plus Size Life
Miss Kerosene Deluxe

Then there's the retailers:

Miss Bamboo (they don't do plus size and it makes me very sad)
Get Cutie
Lindy Bop
Lady V
Hell Bunny
Queen of Holloway

I had set my heart on Tiki inspired. Web searching turned up Miss Bamboo, this dress stole my heart, but sadly it's not plus size. So my search turned to Hell Bunny and Lindy Bop. I went with these two dresses:

So here's what I did with the May:

The fit on this dress is alright, this is a size 26 but it's not a perfect fit for me (if 24 had been available it might have been a better choice) the fabric does have a bit of stretch, so waist wise it's OK, although it's quite long in the torso. (For reference I am wearing a corset underneath for some shaping, it's not super tight laced though). The fabric is fairly stiff and stretchy, so it doesn't swish like some cottons, but I really like it. For 20-ish quid in the sale though (link above) it's a pretty good buy and will be worn again in summer for sure. 

I am also wearing a hell bunny petticoat (size 18-24, 25 and 27" -it took me ages to work out that 25 and 27" is the same size -the smaller sizes are 25", the larger (this one) 27" I would say that this petticoat only just fits me (46" waist) to be fair its billed up to 44" so the size guide is about right.

The hair flower is by Twisted Ivy and although was not bought for this dress it goes so well. (flowers, cherries and a skull, cant go wrong really!) 

The bamboo bag is a pre-loved e-bay find, and I haven't come across an online retailer that carries it (I'm sure there's one out there though, as it is a repro). Here's a  rather pricey but awesome alternative.

I was chuffed with our holiday let, I didn't book it but it had an awesome retro thing going on!

Needless to say we had a fun night out, that was the only outcome when the bar was made of sexy mermaids though...

Onto the Alika:

No corset this time, but the same petticoat and bag. The fit of the dress is again alright, I should have once again sized down (due to a sheared panel at the back of the dress) so once again the dress doesn't fit perfectly around the bust line  as it's a touch big (better than obviously too small and constricting my chest though) I remembered to take make up selfies this time:

I'm getting better at makeup, I have invested in some nice brushes, a benefit primer (porefessional) benefit under eye bag concealer (Erase paste) and the balm company Nuditude palette (from TK Maxx) and slowly my makeup skills are improving (Contact lenses also help, as I can now see my face!)

The Hair flower was my own creation, complete with Tiki faces..

Once again a good night was had, involving rum..

So there are my outfits for two nights out, pursuing a goth pin up dream. Hopefully these reviews are helpful.


  1. These are both lovely on you, but the Lindy Bop dress has to be my favourite! The hibiscus print has been a favourite that I've wanted to buy for a LONG time. Gorgeous!

    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks lovely. the Lindy Bop dress is amazing, my friend sent me a link to the sale and I had bought it within about five minutes! (no will power when it comes to pretty dresses!) Love your blog by the way!

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