Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD New look Africa Stripe Dress.

So you know those dresses pictured on the section headers on websites. The ones alongside the 'new in'
or 'dresses' top of page banner? The dresses that are prime examples of the new trends, shot with dynamic models and wind blown tousled locks? The dresses that NEVER have links to them, and I mean in time or space? The ones that take detective work to find?

This dress is one of those.

Plus here's all my favourite poses!

1. feet together, hand on hip, front on, looking like a lemon:
2. Pigeon toed, hands by sides, front on, goofy smile, still looking like a lemon:
3. Front on, pigeon toed, double hands on hips cheating the lens into thinking my waist is smaller! Gotta love the double hands on hips!
 4. Its a wall- what do I do? dunno how about a strange unnatural lean, FAIL me thinks!
 5. OK so technically the same pose as number 1, I just kinda like this photo!
6. The in motion re-arrangement shot!

Shoe drool. Bought these from New look, had a bit of a zip dilemma as to whether they would go up properly, I'm glad to report they do -just! They are not a wide fit tho. Comfy despite being high, wouldn't do more than totter into a restaurant in them tho.
 Dress @ New look here
leggings @ Evans (old)
Shoes @ New Look
Clutch @ New Look
Belt @ Evans
Cardi @ Evans

Sizing: after much agonizing over a 22 or a 26 (since the 24 was sold out online) I went with a 22, this proved to be the right direction (in-fact there's still room in the dress) Its elasticated at the waist but the fabric is non stretchy, so I was surprised it fitted at the waist well.

So overall impressions of this dress. Its a winner (esp for 23quid), wasn't sure at first and I don't think it works without the belt as it has a wide bit of beige pattern across the waist which I think widens my waist when not belted with a darker colour. I also wasn't keen with a short cardi as I wanted the skirt to be fairly straight down and not too poofed out at the waist.

The fabric is very thin as you can see in the last picture. I think this dress will be great for spring summer and I fully intend to get my pins out in it when the weather gets hotter. For now styled up with layers I really like this dress. I wont be buying into the Aztec trend big time, I suspect I will just leave it here. I'm glad I bought this 'website banner worthy dress' tho.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Plus London Two

Plus London two proved to be a very British event this year, so many lovely ladies (and a few gentlemen too!) braved the snow and ice and made it to the Strand Gallery.  Proving that through any weather we can pull together to create great success!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Saturday, it was a great opportunity to meet  fellow bloggers and have a good old chatter!

The Cakes

My preparations started on Friday as I embarked on a mammoth baking challenge. I love taking on difficult baking projects, in this case the difficulty was baking pretty cakes that were robust enough to be carried to London on the train and tube by just yours truly! I was very pleased to have succeeded in this task with only minor reject cakes! Here are a couple of snaps of my efforts:

The Dress

The second challenge for Plus London was to turn up looking like I hadn't been dragged through a hedge backwards! Here is how I did in this challenge:

This dress was a total splurge... well when I say splurge I mean I have been stalking a Get Cutie dress for about three years... so I guess you could say it's a splurge I have been working my way up to for around 1095 days (give or take a couple).

Get Cutie are a Brighton based designer of retro cut dresses. They go up to a 24E-G in some styles which incidentally is what I am wearing here. This dress is the half sleeve dress in 'Green Lady Yang' fabric. Now I am just about top of the size scale... although in this case 'just about' is just enough! This dress fits me very well, the limiting measurement on this dress is the underbust, which is a 44" I tried the sz24 dress on in the shop and the lady measured it to make sure the made to order dress fitted in the same way (which it does.. a huge relief I can tell you!). This dress comes in at £130 (although I bought it in the sale for £95) this IS the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought, so the decision did not come lightly, it involved lots of flapping around in the shop and a very patient close friend (who admires their dresses too!).

I would recommend trying these dresses on they are cotton and do not stretch, they do come up smaller than modern sizing and different styles fit me slightly differently (the cap sleeve dress was too long in the torso for me). Though the Get Cutie Shop is nestled deep in Kensington Gardens which is the heart of the Brighton Laines, an incredibly worthwhile day out, so whilst a visit may be out of your way, it's a delightful day out!

The Event

The event kicked off with a One Stop Plus fashion show modelled by our own lovely bloggers. There were one or two pieces that stood a little proud of the whole collection (this for example), but on the whole I wasn't too sure of the samples showcased. Most of the outfits lacked styling, accessories and heels would have gone a long way is all cases. This is something that many of the bloggers out there are particularly talented in, given free rein and access to accessories I reckon the overall impression would have been more exciting. All in all One Stop Plus has a little way to go to tempt my pennies out of my purse!

The Simply Be rail for me was the stand out collection for me. The clothes were classy and well made in addition to having more than a seasons staying power in the wardrobe!  I very briefly met Charlotte, who was great to talk to, which I wish I had done more of!

Asos curve had some offerings too, Amanda likened some of the pieces to 'the 80's but not in a good way!' I think these are wise words and I would have to agree, the denim is just a bit too washed out and the Neon is just a little too highlighter pen crazy! Though what's not my cup of tea will be someone else's. I think it has to be noted that Asos are keeping up with trends and pushing the boundaries of plus size clothing which is a breath of fresh air.

I should have had a bra fitting but I was a little too flustered and didn't fancy getting out of my dress. Perhaps next time! I spent most of my time chatting, here are just a few of the gals:
Claire me
 Becky and her friend
 me Em

 Well that's about all folks! My only regret is that I could have chattered all night. Hope you enjoyed the evening and the cakes.

w x