Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bumper post alert! 30 Necklaces- No. 19, 20 and 21, some shopping and an outfit post.

On Thursday evening I went to see Priscilla at the Palace theatre in London, it is truly fantastic, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I had a fantastic time and our seats were brilliant - for once I was one of those lucky so-and-so's who was underneath the ticker tape and in catching distance of audience bound goodies, rather than just wising I was! There's a bit with ping pong balls and I managed to catch this little memento of the evening which made me incredibly happy and is now my pride and joy!

Anyway I wore a grey leopard print top to work, and blinged it up with a sparkly necklace No. 19 (as we went straight from work) I love this top/necklace combo since it matches so perfectly! plus I bought them in different shops!
Top @ New Look Inspire
Necklace @ Peacocks

Friday was a particularly non eventful day but here is my Friday necklace - No 20.
Necklace @ Evans
Top @ New Look Inspire

As it was payday on Friday I decided to go into town for a spot of shopping (work gave me some extra cash this month for fixing something dangerous so I decided to spend it) I bought a dress from Monsoon I shelled out 21quid on this dress which was down from 70! I love it, it is so so flattering as it is jersey with an empire line and a v neck, total winner. The little brown shrug was £10.80 and has gorgeous little square buttons on the sleeves, I figured brown is quite an autumnal colour so it should last as the weather closes in.
Cardi @ Monsoon
Dress @ Monsoon

My last thing to post today is my outfit from yesterday, we went into London with some friends for dinner at a restaurant in Covent Garden, Navaho Joes I was impressed by the starter but disappointed by the main, I think I'd go there again but choose more wisely! Anyway, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear another of yesterdays purchases a leopard print cardi from H&M and a pair of leopard print shoes form Dorothy Perkins. The shoes were marked up at £7 and when I took them to the till they came out at £3, result! This necklace is from Next, it's another thing that I had my eye on and when I went back it was in the sale, wohoo! Its made of chain mail- very slinky! 

 What do you mean that's not how you stop trains?

Cardigain @ H&M
Shoes @ Dorothy Perkins
Top @ Asos Curve
Bangle @ ?!
Necklace @ Next

Cardigan @ H&M
Shoes @ Dorothy Perkins

Friday, 20 August 2010

Can I Live Without Evans?

Argh! Rant on the way!

Well, I think I've finally had my fill of Evans. Their facebook page is now getting to the point where it makes me cross and upset to read, so I've decided to try and live without them for a while and see how it goes.

I guess I'm upset at how they don't listen and then very annoyed when they say they do! They have had enough time to adjust their stock given all the comments about short sleeve tops, poor quality clothes & underwear & tights. If New Look can copy a dress/style from an awards ceremony etc. and have it in the shop before it's out of fashion then surely Evans can alter sleeves given a whole year of constructive criticism!

Anyway I figure I will continue wear the odd things I have bought in the last couple of years (two pairs of jeans and a cardigan, I can't wear the boots because both pairs fell to pieces!) but not buy anything new. I can't promise to stop visiting them on facebook but I am going to stop commenting as I feel ignored and thus foolish and belittled for thinking they would listen to me.

Step 1: Knickers! (did this a little while ago) Threw out all of my Evans pants and replaced them with M&S full briefs (don't sound attractive but they are really pretty with polka dots) I am a 22 but bought one packet of 20's and one 22's to check which ones I like best, turns out the 20's are fine, so I bought more. Over the last couple of months I have been totally free of broken elastic and pants falling down, I have just thrown away my last Evans pants (I was holding on to them because they were expensive and purple but came to my senses and realised they were just uncomfortable and looked bad due to copious amounts of seams!)

Right think I'm off now before I rant any further!

Necklaces on the way tomorrow!

w x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.18

Here is a quick pic of no. 18 - a recent acquisition. (but bought with a voucher- so not interfering with the money saving drive for this month) This is from New Look and was £4! the bracelets (of which there are 2) were also £4 bargain! If anyone is interested they also have red beads in the same style, which are perfect for jazzing up many outfits. Once again apologies for the poor quality photo (and I will try and post a full length shot of this top too!)

Top @ Monsoon
Cardi @ New Look
Beads @ New Look

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged! I won't fib, at first didn't know what tagging was, but am now up to speed! First a shout out to my tagger Nem over at Mode Plus who is rocking the shirt and belt combo it really suits her. I guess onwards to my questions!

1. What are you wearing right now?
I am wearing a blue and white spotty top from Monsoon, and a white cardi from New look, plus black trousers.

2. Your dream vacation?
Hmm, a tricky one! We don't go on holidays every year(boring I know!) We recently went to New York which was a fantastic holiday. I guess a dream holiday would be somewhere romantic sunny and exotic (but not stupidly uncomfortably hot) with a large private pool overlooking the sea, close to lots of good restaurants and some great little towns to explore.

3. What is your favourite animal and why?
OK so it's not an animal but an insect, I have recently developed a liking of bees, we have lavender bushes at work and only recently I have bee-come(apologies you'll have to bear with me!) fascinated by the vast quantity of bees visiting them. I know nothing about bees other than they are cute, make honey and are rocking a fab colour scheme! One of my new tasks in life is to learn more about bees.

4. What is your secret weapon to spice up an outfit?
Not so secret: Jewelery, I almost never go out without a necklace or bangle, my personal favourites are chunky plastic affairs and ones with sparkles! Secret: a corset and heels (not so much a going out outfit!)

5. Which perfume/cologne is your favourite and why?
I only have one it's weekend by Burberry. I like it because I noticed it on two different people I had to ask what they were wearing, so I guess I like it because it smells lovely enough to need to know what it is!

6. Which fashion must-have item does a fa(t)shionista need in her closet?
A funky waisted belt, a black one is universal!

7. Do you collect anythng?
Alas I am a hoarder, I am slowly gathering cake decorating equipment of all descriptions. My I-pod is gradually being filled with the NOW That's What I Call Music CD's. I have a lot of necklaces which might be considered as a collection. Please no-one suggest anything else!

8. Last time you splurged on a fashion item?
Hmm... I guess it would be the dress I wore to the wedding I went to last weekend, It was from Monsoon in the sale,  although I still managed to spend 45quid on it, which is a lot for me!
As for the second half of the tagging game, I will shortly tag onwards, but not tonight as I need to sleep soon!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 17

Well as you have probably had enough mug shots of me, I thought I would just show you the necklace. Also it matches my computer perfectly! This one was made for me by my lovely friend Sarah who had a little boy back in April so she is very busy at the moment and I don't see her as much as I want to. Anyhow here is her handiwork:

Monday, 16 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 16

Here's my necklace for today, this is a great example of how you can tie and blue in with two or three strands of beads, this cardigan was bound to match one of these strings of beads and it does perfectly! Anyway I'm excited because tomorrow I get to put my bunting up, which is exciting!

Cardi @ New Look
Vest @ Asos Curve
Necklace @ New Look

Sunday, 15 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 14 + 15 + wedding outfit + plus a cake = busy weekend!

Well this is a mammoth post with lots of piccies! I have had a brilliant weekend, we went to a friends wedding and had a lovely time. I made the wedding cake and got it to the venue in one piece, plus it tasted great too.

I guess first of all I will show you my wedding outfit, this dress is from Monsoon and is a 22 it is sized really well and has a blue tie around the waist which I tied at the back as I thought it spoiled the line at the front. It is really nice to wear and coped with my measurements (I refer you to my blog title!) plus it is a gorgeous floaty satin. It is fully lined and didn't ride up or crease. The shoes are from Next, I bought them last year but never wore them as I was worried they would hurt, well they do but I managed to keep them on for the pictures and they got a few compliments! When the dancing started I changed into my flip flops and partied on through YMCA, the Time Warp, Abba, the Black Eyed Peas and beyond!
Dress @ Monsoon
Shoes @ Next
Cardi @ New Look
Purse @ TK Maxx
Fascinator @ Monsoon

Next is my necklace from Saturday, No.14. It was a gift from my parents and is Whitby jet, I have matching earrings but forgot to put them in, doh! This is a great shot of my glasses too, they are by Prada and I love them to bits!
Necklace - Whitby Jet bought as a gift from Whitby

OK onwards to the cake, it is a four tiered honey and beer fruit cake, with sugar roses, lilies and drapes.

Next necklace no. 15 no wide shot today as I managed to leave it too late and the light is terrible, this top is actually bright pink and not salmon as it looks in this photo. This was a secret Santa present last year, I still have no idea who it is from but I think it is a Sainsburys one (the label was Tu which is sainsbos) Just goes to show how well the folks at work know me.
Necklace @ Sainsburys

Friday, 13 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.13

Well I have finished the cake now, I'm tired and my house looks like a bombs hit it but I am very satisfied with the result. I will post pictures on sunday after the wedding. I am looking forward to wearing a lovely dress I bought in the Monsoon sale, will also post outfit pics but probably on Sunday. In other happenings I went to pay the deposit for my works christmas party today August and I've already finalised the christmas party- crazy! How about you ladies have you sorted out your christmas parties yet? Anyone planning anything exciting?

Ah well I guess I had better post a necklace, I didn't realise how tough it would be blogging every day, but I'm determined to get to 30! so onwards!

Top @ monsoon
cami @ newlook
cardi @ tesco
necklace @ e-bay

Thursday, 12 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 12

Today has been another long one, I have had a break from the cake for one evening as its nearly finished! I love doing them but will be very glad when I can have a guilt free lie in. Anyway here is necklace no. 12, this is a truly terrible photo of me as I have my eyes closed but alas its the best I can do today!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 11

Again this evening will be full of cake decorating so here is another very quick post of no. 11. These are from H&M, I think these beads are great they have a smokey finish and go with black things really well.

Once again apologies for the bad photo quality, I'm a tired bunny at the moment. Hopefully I will get the cake finished tonight so I can go into town tomorrow night after work, I am going to push the boat out and buy some nail polish to go with my dress for the wedding that I'm going to on Saturday, cant wait to blog my dress its lurvley! Happy Wednesday! 

Cami @ monsoon
Necklace @ H & M
black top @ mark 1 (alas they are no more:-( )

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 10

This a very quick post as I am making sugar flowers at the moment, and have to get back to work!
Without further a do here's no 10! (wohoo! a third of the way through!)

Top @ Monsoon
Necklace @ Accessorise
Cardi @ new look

Monday, 9 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 9

Well Monday seems to have come around quickly again. Today I have done some more towards organising my works Christmas party! Only a few short months until we all start worrying about outfits!

So aside from festive musings, here is No. 9. The other half is getting creative over taking photos, so this one is in one of his favourite places- bed! Today was a gold and black combo, this necklace was from e-bay and makes a strange noise when it rubs together but I love how it looks, plus its doubled up here so can be worn extra long too! The littler belt is from Evans (In the sale) and fastens with poppers at the back.

Top @ Asos Curve
Belt @ Evans
Necklace @ e-bay 

Sunday, 8 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 8

Today has been an indoors kind of a day, I have been mostly cake decorating so I popped on a little necklace. This is actually not plastic! It is one of my most beautiful necklaces, it was a present from my boyfriends mum and is Australian opal. I love the way it is blue against my skin and amber up against the light. Anyway I'm going to finish watching Sherlock now!

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 7

Well today is going to be a double bill as I didn't have time to post yesterday. I was a very busy lady at the moment, I managed to get my cakes stacked up and added the ribbon, today I have to make all the sugar flowers, which will take most of my day! After the cake decorating I had a nap and then me and the other half (I say that yet we haven't made it official yet!) headed down to Brighton to meet some friends for dinner.

Yesterday Brighton hosted its annual Pride celebrations, the city was bustling with tens of thousands of people - 150,000 people in Preston Park alone! As we made it down late we didn't see any of the parade or go to Preston park but we did see lots of dressed up people milling around, including many many hen parties, and the stag party for the cake I'm doing for next Saturday (small world eh!). Anyhow after a great little cheap and cheerful Japanese meal in on of my favourite cafes - Pompoko in the North Lanes we headed to the pub for a few drinks and then to the pier for donuts. Here is a fairly bad photo of me at the pier! Including exhibit no. 7 - an Accessorise necklace...
...and some close ups of the necklace, again not that good but the light isn't very good at the moment.

Top @ Next
Cardi @ New look
Necklace @ Accessorise

Friday, 6 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.6

Happy Friday! I am so glad it is the weekend, this week has been very long! I will be spending my weekend finishing off a wedding cake that I am making for a friend however, tonight I am enjoying sitting on the sofa with the other half watching TV and eating cheesecake!

Anyway on to necklaces! Today I decided to step away from the red and pink tones of the week and into a lovely blue hue! I often pick my necklace before my clothes (sometimes I even buy tops to go with accessories!) today I picked this necklace and then found an outfit to go with it! This little gem is from Accessorise which has to be my favourite shop. This necklace again got a comment on how nice it was!


T-shirt @ Etam!
Cardi @ New Look
Necklace @ Monsoon

Thursday, 5 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.5

Well its time to step things up a little (and to prove I don't just own round one-colour bead sets!) This one is from New look and always gets compliments when I wear it, including today whilst buying lunch!

top @ Monsoon
necklace @ New Look

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.4

Today has been a busy one! I have had a long day at work, followed by the Gym, followed by tea out, followed by a movie! Anyway I guess this look follows on from yesterday in that it is dotty and plastic (I swear I do own actual metal necklaces! bear with me) Without further a do (because I'm very tired) here is no 4! apologies its a self portrait the other half is out at WNBC (Wednesday night beer club, AKA the pub!)

 Necklace @ ebay
Blue dotty top @ Monsoon
Red Cardi @ Peacocks

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 3

I hope you are all well, we have had some sunshine here today which always makes me feel happy!

Onwards to number 3! This photo was taken this morning before I went off to work, hence looking a little bleary eyed here! This is one of my favourite necklaces, I bought it from e-bay in a job lot for 99p, I think it is a 60's one as it has no fastener and the string looks 'vintage'! It goes with lots of outfits especially this one as I think it works with the neckline well. A white string of beads is such a good thing to have in your jewelery box as they can freshen up any outfit, even a mostly black one like here.

Anyhow not sure where number 4 will take me but I may even push the boat out and try a different pose!

Necklace @ ebay
Camisole @ Newlook Inspire
Top @ Newlook Inspire
Bracelet @ Evans

Monday, 2 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 2

Onwards to no 2, this one is a home made necklace and although it is a fairly understated affair it matches the red colour in this top perfectly!

I bought these beads in a little shop in Brighton (all together in a bag!) then I uber-skilfully threaded them onto some string!

I was running a little late this morning so this photo was taken this evening after a very long day at work!

Necklace by my own fair hand
Cami @ Monsoon
Cardi @ New Look
Glasses @ Prada

Sunday, 1 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No.1

Hello lovely readers, I'm well chuffed to be up to 14 of you! (although, I'm somehow following myself- not sure how that happened!) Anyway I hope you had a good weekend, and thanks for following me! Any comments or thoughts will be greatly appreciated, so if you want to ask about anything feel free!

Anyway I have decided to save a few pennies this month and not buy anything new! (I am having a busy one and hopefully getting lots of chances to wear some nice clothes) So I thought I'd showcase my favourite fashion item - the necklace!

This is a bit of a homage to Bloomie over at 30 Dresses in 30 Days. Whilst I could never come close to 30 dresses, I can do 30 necklaces with phenomenal ease!

So to start with here is No 1. this necklace kicked off my obsession so seemed like the logical place to start! I love anything chunky, bright and plastic (my refinement knows no bounds!) so this one is perfect for me. When ever I am feeling a bit like I need an all black day (I'm sure you ladies know what I mean there!) I brighten it up with pretty coloured accessories!

Necklace @ Primark
Top @ Asos Curve
Belt @ Evans
Bed - Its a one off!

and lastly for one more gratuitous bed shot!