Sunday, 15 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 14 + 15 + wedding outfit + plus a cake = busy weekend!

Well this is a mammoth post with lots of piccies! I have had a brilliant weekend, we went to a friends wedding and had a lovely time. I made the wedding cake and got it to the venue in one piece, plus it tasted great too.

I guess first of all I will show you my wedding outfit, this dress is from Monsoon and is a 22 it is sized really well and has a blue tie around the waist which I tied at the back as I thought it spoiled the line at the front. It is really nice to wear and coped with my measurements (I refer you to my blog title!) plus it is a gorgeous floaty satin. It is fully lined and didn't ride up or crease. The shoes are from Next, I bought them last year but never wore them as I was worried they would hurt, well they do but I managed to keep them on for the pictures and they got a few compliments! When the dancing started I changed into my flip flops and partied on through YMCA, the Time Warp, Abba, the Black Eyed Peas and beyond!
Dress @ Monsoon
Shoes @ Next
Cardi @ New Look
Purse @ TK Maxx
Fascinator @ Monsoon

Next is my necklace from Saturday, No.14. It was a gift from my parents and is Whitby jet, I have matching earrings but forgot to put them in, doh! This is a great shot of my glasses too, they are by Prada and I love them to bits!
Necklace - Whitby Jet bought as a gift from Whitby

OK onwards to the cake, it is a four tiered honey and beer fruit cake, with sugar roses, lilies and drapes.

Next necklace no. 15 no wide shot today as I managed to leave it too late and the light is terrible, this top is actually bright pink and not salmon as it looks in this photo. This was a secret Santa present last year, I still have no idea who it is from but I think it is a Sainsburys one (the label was Tu which is sainsbos) Just goes to show how well the folks at work know me.
Necklace @ Sainsburys

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