Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bumper post alert! 30 Necklaces- No. 19, 20 and 21, some shopping and an outfit post.

On Thursday evening I went to see Priscilla at the Palace theatre in London, it is truly fantastic, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. I had a fantastic time and our seats were brilliant - for once I was one of those lucky so-and-so's who was underneath the ticker tape and in catching distance of audience bound goodies, rather than just wising I was! There's a bit with ping pong balls and I managed to catch this little memento of the evening which made me incredibly happy and is now my pride and joy!

Anyway I wore a grey leopard print top to work, and blinged it up with a sparkly necklace No. 19 (as we went straight from work) I love this top/necklace combo since it matches so perfectly! plus I bought them in different shops!
Top @ New Look Inspire
Necklace @ Peacocks

Friday was a particularly non eventful day but here is my Friday necklace - No 20.
Necklace @ Evans
Top @ New Look Inspire

As it was payday on Friday I decided to go into town for a spot of shopping (work gave me some extra cash this month for fixing something dangerous so I decided to spend it) I bought a dress from Monsoon I shelled out 21quid on this dress which was down from 70! I love it, it is so so flattering as it is jersey with an empire line and a v neck, total winner. The little brown shrug was £10.80 and has gorgeous little square buttons on the sleeves, I figured brown is quite an autumnal colour so it should last as the weather closes in.
Cardi @ Monsoon
Dress @ Monsoon

My last thing to post today is my outfit from yesterday, we went into London with some friends for dinner at a restaurant in Covent Garden, Navaho Joes I was impressed by the starter but disappointed by the main, I think I'd go there again but choose more wisely! Anyway, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wear another of yesterdays purchases a leopard print cardi from H&M and a pair of leopard print shoes form Dorothy Perkins. The shoes were marked up at £7 and when I took them to the till they came out at £3, result! This necklace is from Next, it's another thing that I had my eye on and when I went back it was in the sale, wohoo! Its made of chain mail- very slinky! 

 What do you mean that's not how you stop trains?

Cardigain @ H&M
Shoes @ Dorothy Perkins
Top @ Asos Curve
Bangle @ ?!
Necklace @ Next

Cardigan @ H&M
Shoes @ Dorothy Perkins


  1. Hi Wendy,
    Love the maxi, leopard cardigan and shoes. And the last necklace, nice! I have to come to London asap, hahaha.

  2. Ohh I love the last outfit so much! You look awesome :)