Friday, 20 August 2010

Can I Live Without Evans?

Argh! Rant on the way!

Well, I think I've finally had my fill of Evans. Their facebook page is now getting to the point where it makes me cross and upset to read, so I've decided to try and live without them for a while and see how it goes.

I guess I'm upset at how they don't listen and then very annoyed when they say they do! They have had enough time to adjust their stock given all the comments about short sleeve tops, poor quality clothes & underwear & tights. If New Look can copy a dress/style from an awards ceremony etc. and have it in the shop before it's out of fashion then surely Evans can alter sleeves given a whole year of constructive criticism!

Anyway I figure I will continue wear the odd things I have bought in the last couple of years (two pairs of jeans and a cardigan, I can't wear the boots because both pairs fell to pieces!) but not buy anything new. I can't promise to stop visiting them on facebook but I am going to stop commenting as I feel ignored and thus foolish and belittled for thinking they would listen to me.

Step 1: Knickers! (did this a little while ago) Threw out all of my Evans pants and replaced them with M&S full briefs (don't sound attractive but they are really pretty with polka dots) I am a 22 but bought one packet of 20's and one 22's to check which ones I like best, turns out the 20's are fine, so I bought more. Over the last couple of months I have been totally free of broken elastic and pants falling down, I have just thrown away my last Evans pants (I was holding on to them because they were expensive and purple but came to my senses and realised they were just uncomfortable and looked bad due to copious amounts of seams!)

Right think I'm off now before I rant any further!

Necklaces on the way tomorrow!

w x


  1. I totally agree! You'd think the only high st retailer specialising in plus range would make an effort. But then without the compition why would they make effort? Although with the recent serge in online retailers doing attractive plus ranges (ASOS) maybe Evans will sorts its act out.

  2. Evans tights and ridiculous and all my pants from there have fallen to bits too. May have to follow your lead and check out what Marksies has to offer.

  3. Oh my god, Evan's knickers are the bane of my life!!! I bought a 3 pack about a month ago, put a pair on today and the lace was already coming away from the annoyed, but im a 26/28 so its difficult to get them anywhere else at a reasonable price!