Sunday, 8 August 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 7

Well today is going to be a double bill as I didn't have time to post yesterday. I was a very busy lady at the moment, I managed to get my cakes stacked up and added the ribbon, today I have to make all the sugar flowers, which will take most of my day! After the cake decorating I had a nap and then me and the other half (I say that yet we haven't made it official yet!) headed down to Brighton to meet some friends for dinner.

Yesterday Brighton hosted its annual Pride celebrations, the city was bustling with tens of thousands of people - 150,000 people in Preston Park alone! As we made it down late we didn't see any of the parade or go to Preston park but we did see lots of dressed up people milling around, including many many hen parties, and the stag party for the cake I'm doing for next Saturday (small world eh!). Anyhow after a great little cheap and cheerful Japanese meal in on of my favourite cafes - Pompoko in the North Lanes we headed to the pub for a few drinks and then to the pier for donuts. Here is a fairly bad photo of me at the pier! Including exhibit no. 7 - an Accessorise necklace...
...and some close ups of the necklace, again not that good but the light isn't very good at the moment.

Top @ Next
Cardi @ New look
Necklace @ Accessorise

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