Friday, 20 May 2011

The Magic Dress!

Ah it's been such a long time again! I am still surviving... only just mind you! Life has been a bit on the crappy side lately(as has my internet connection!) in fact things have been stressful and bleigh since plus London :-( ...and that's a long time to be in life limbo. Anyway there is now a little light at the end of the tunnel but before that we are about to enter a month or so of hell! I need you lovely people to keep your fingers, toes and everything crossed for me!

Before I launch into content I have to apologise I can't go to Big Beach Bums :-( I was looking forward to going to Brighton too but life has thrown up some major accommodation issues lately and it's just too tricky :-(

Anyway onto the content I promised, this is a Wendy fashion blog afterall!

I will start with the headliner of the magic dress...
I am so so proud of this outfit! I bought this dress (if you're quick they still have size 22- which is what i'm wearing incidentally) in Monsoon and although it was expensive but it was such a smart buy, here it's dressed down for daytime but it could be so easily dressed up for evening wear (with a red or bright coral or even pink!) which I intend to do very soon!

It's Magic isn't it? I think it's some sort of chevron based optical illusion that shrinks my waist! Here are some more pics:
The Shoes are from New look and they are fantastic to wear but so cheapass that they are pretty much ruined (and I bought them three/four weeks ago grr!) The photo 'shoot'(lol!) was in the grounds of Bleinheim palace, at the moment we live close by (alas not for very long at all!)  
Dress -Selina @ Monsoon sz22
Cardigan @ New Look size 22
Belt @ H&M
Shoes @ New Look
Bag @ M&S

On to other things, I have bought a few bits and bobs lately, because its sort of summer I bought a couple of summer hats:
Summer hats M&S
Top in lower picture Monsoon

I bought this top from Evans: (although this is a size 26! the lady in the shop said that other people have complained that it comes up small and it does!) This is not a great Picture but hey ho never mind!
Top @ Evans
Jeans @ Evans
Shoes @ Rocket Dog
Belt @ Evans
Bag @ M&S

The last outfit I have to show you is from my 30th(urgh! 30) birthday weekend in Brighton, Here I'm doing a Brighton wordsearch on the window of a bookshop! This top is from TK Maxx (alas good things are hard to come by there! But I go in occasionally for a rumage!) I think its a bit 50's in its crazy fruit print! The Jeans are from Evans, they are flares and I am realy impressed with them, they have a little stretch but are not baggy, Sadly I don't have a better photo of them. I am wearing a 22 here.  
Top @ TK maxx
Jeans @ Evans
Shoes @ New Look
Bag @ M&S

Once again I'm sorry for the blog blackout, I shall be back soon hopefully to show you my new Ruby Rocks Purchase! Eek hope I like it and it fits! (again fingers crossed!) I bought on of the new dresses from style 369 I'll let you ponder on which one! I hope you are all happy in life and the world is treating you well, if not I know how you feel and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!