Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged! I won't fib, at first didn't know what tagging was, but am now up to speed! First a shout out to my tagger Nem over at Mode Plus who is rocking the shirt and belt combo it really suits her. I guess onwards to my questions!

1. What are you wearing right now?
I am wearing a blue and white spotty top from Monsoon, and a white cardi from New look, plus black trousers.

2. Your dream vacation?
Hmm, a tricky one! We don't go on holidays every year(boring I know!) We recently went to New York which was a fantastic holiday. I guess a dream holiday would be somewhere romantic sunny and exotic (but not stupidly uncomfortably hot) with a large private pool overlooking the sea, close to lots of good restaurants and some great little towns to explore.

3. What is your favourite animal and why?
OK so it's not an animal but an insect, I have recently developed a liking of bees, we have lavender bushes at work and only recently I have bee-come(apologies you'll have to bear with me!) fascinated by the vast quantity of bees visiting them. I know nothing about bees other than they are cute, make honey and are rocking a fab colour scheme! One of my new tasks in life is to learn more about bees.

4. What is your secret weapon to spice up an outfit?
Not so secret: Jewelery, I almost never go out without a necklace or bangle, my personal favourites are chunky plastic affairs and ones with sparkles! Secret: a corset and heels (not so much a going out outfit!)

5. Which perfume/cologne is your favourite and why?
I only have one it's weekend by Burberry. I like it because I noticed it on two different people I had to ask what they were wearing, so I guess I like it because it smells lovely enough to need to know what it is!

6. Which fashion must-have item does a fa(t)shionista need in her closet?
A funky waisted belt, a black one is universal!

7. Do you collect anythng?
Alas I am a hoarder, I am slowly gathering cake decorating equipment of all descriptions. My I-pod is gradually being filled with the NOW That's What I Call Music CD's. I have a lot of necklaces which might be considered as a collection. Please no-one suggest anything else!

8. Last time you splurged on a fashion item?
Hmm... I guess it would be the dress I wore to the wedding I went to last weekend, It was from Monsoon in the sale,  although I still managed to spend 45quid on it, which is a lot for me!
As for the second half of the tagging game, I will shortly tag onwards, but not tonight as I need to sleep soon!

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