Wednesday, 1 September 2010

30 Necklaces in 30 Days - No. 22-30!

Well I decided to give you the last week in a huge chunk! This past week has been a really busy one, I have been out and about all over and working and cake decorating. Not too much time for blogging or surfing, but I am forcing myself to stay awake long enough to upload my week's worth of gallivanting! Take a deep breath and we shall begin...

Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins

No. 23
Top @ New Look
Necklace @ Evans

No.24 (and a wet hair OOTD!)
Top @ Peacocks
Shoes @ Next
Trousers@ M&S
Cardi @ New Look
Belt @ Next
Necklace - Vintage

No. 25 (bad photo apologies)
Necklace @ Newlook

No. 26
Necklace @ accessorise
Top @ Evans + DIY!

No. 27
Necklace @ Accessorise

No. 28
This one take a little explaining, I'm not usually quite so glam but this was my friends Hen do and the theme was glitz and glam (and tiaras!) This dress was my Christmas party dress from last year, and whilst it looks pretty ropey when I sit down this is a nice photo!
Shoes @ Evans
Tights @ Evans
Bracelets @ Claires
Dress @ Tesco!
Necklace @ Next
Cardi @ Newlook
tiara (its there I promise) @ New look (£2.50! bargain!)

No. 29
This is a great photo despite me feeling hot, icky, rushed, bloated, bad hair day hairsprayed and perfume irritated! It is one of my favourite necklaces as it goes with lots of stuff, it can be doubled up like here or left long. Accessorise have it in silver at the moment and I am coveting it, if you come across one and need a good all rounder it is worth investing in!
Bag @ Primark
Top @ Asos
cardi @ H&M
Necklace @ Accessorise
Bangle @ Evans

No. 30!
Wohoo we made it all the way to No. 30 I hope I haven't sent you all to sleep! No 30 is from my favourite shop - Monsoon and it is very chunky and bold which is me all over, I love it and nearly didn't buy it, I'm so glad I did! Also this is a whole new outfit post of an Evans dress, I have been waiting to wear it for ages and finally had the weather, accessories and a social occasion fitting! Wohoo!

Phew! - I need a couple of necklace free days now! (despite there being lots more necklaces on my rack to work through I think I might take a break!) I hope you have enjoyed my necklace/outfit journey, I have enjoyed it lots. Plus I have put on something (a necklace!) that fits perfectly every day this month! How good is that eh?!

My last thing before I sign off for the evening is to give Bloomie over at 30 Dresses in 30 Days a shout out as she was the inspiration for this little jewelery box foray. She is about to embark on another 30 dresses in 30 days extravaganza!  Check it out if you get a chance, and good luck Bloomie!


  1. love the first necklace, and your maxi dress and brown belt are fab!

  2. Where did you get the belt from? I want one exactly like that!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! The belt is a hip belt from Dorothy Perkins, so If your thinking it's too good to be true as a plus size belt then you're right! (I always find that the plus belts just don't quite have the same edge as the straight size ones) I am finding that Next have some XL belts in at the moment (red one above) they seem to have the style edge and wheras they are not plus size they fit me!

  4. Oh, what a beautiful necklace (the last one)> I like that you put more pictures/ outfits too see. I'm always curious how others style/accessorize.

  5. love the tesco dress and the h & m cardigan, cute outfits!