Saturday, 11 September 2010

Give the gift of cake!

Good afternoon to you on this horrid rainy Saturday. Well I am mostly staying in this weekend as I am working on my friends wedding cake. The wedding is on Saturday (Eek!) which is getting close, all I have got to do is finish the cake, learn a reading and sort out my outfit!  

This morning I marzipanned the bottom tier which is fruit and then cut the tester cake. Luckily for me my boyfriend James was on hand to help with the tough job of Quality control! No sooner had I cut it than he had whisked half away to take to his parents and put dibs on the other half for work! Its lucky that I have a boyfriend that will put up with cake tasting on a regular basis (I'm not keen on cake - I would happily beg for cheese - but cake I can take it or leave it!) This brings me to a little cake/gift tip I have. If like me you ever have bits of fabric and ribbon hanging around here is a good little way to turn a couple of slices of cake into a rustic gift...

Stack Cake (Wendy's special recipe... oh alright Delia's finest!) into a rectangle
Then wrap in two layers of greaseproof paper
Then wrap in a square or pretty fabric (which can be made even cuter with pinking shears) and tie with a ribbon or string (I thought sending the other half to his newish job with a pink bow was perhaps a little too far, otherwise it would have been a pink ribbon!)
Hey presto, cute cake! Not bad for a tester cake eh? 

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