Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Wendy House

Nope I'm not being self absorbed, it's the name of an alternative club night up in Leeds. In fact the Wendy House is my absolute favourite night out ever. It is held in Leeds student union and is open to all not just students. We started going a good few years ago and usually make it once or twice a year. This is a link to their website The Wendy House and if you check out the pictures tab you will see why I'm so excited about going! The outfits are amazing, the whole point of alternative dress is to go a bit crazy but, us folk who frequent the Wendy house bring it to a whole new level!

Although the dress is a big part of going to the WH, the atmosphere is amazing too, the people are friendly, the music is brilliant, the drinks are fairly priced, and there's never a queue for the loo! Best of all there's never any trouble and there's not a chav in sight (which is great cos. I'm allergic to chav)

Anyway we are going up for the October event, and this one is a bit special as we have decided to make extra effort with the dressing up!  Having mused for a while over what to wear I have finally decided on my "look"

The only problem I find with the alternative plus size clothes scene is that it exhibits the same limitations as 'everyday' plus clothes and what is on offer is stupidly expensive or sold out. This website is amazing Pin Up Girl Clothing - I am currently coveting most of their wares. 

The other option is Get Cutie which is a Brighton based company, last time I was down there I tried on a couple of dresses but the size 24 E-G cup only just fits me (note my blog title for my measurements) These dresses are well worth the price tag (the cut and fabrics are spot on) and they do go bigger than most shops but they are cut on vintage blocks hence run smaller than usual. The prints are just lovely but I have my heart set on something else....

....Yes, my heart desires something I cannot buy, so what to do? go without? no don't be daft! - Get the sewing machine out that's what!

Since this week I am making the cake, my project will have to wait till next week but in the meantime I have been eyeing up fabric and accessory shopping, so here's a teaser....
Shoes @ Newlook (£12.99!)
Earrings @ Newlook (£3 black pair also included so £1.50 I guess!)

There is also a bag winging its way to me from e-bay, fingers crossed it will be OK. I must admit I do not usually make clothes and this will test my dressmaking skills to their limit but I figured at least if I share my efforts you can laugh at me along the way!


  1. Yay can't wait to see your outfit!

  2. I bought the fabric tonight, just need to get the sewing machine out now! (oh and magic a pattern out of thin air!)

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