Monday, 27 September 2010

Oh dear, someone gave me Beer!

Well last weekend was another busy one, on Friday I went to a beer festival at my work. I didn't have long to get ready as I got stuck at work a little longer than I wanted to. However I did have just enough time to slap some make-up on (which is usually the first thing to go out of the window when I'm in a rush!) and choose a nice top too.

I think this top actually qualifies as vintage now! It is from Etam (remember them ladies?!) and might actually be getting on for 10 years old now! I remember actually buying this top from the non-sale rail (which was quite unusual for me back in my student days) I just loved the colour, and I still do. I love the jewel tones coming through Asos Curve and hope that greens and purples are going to be big this Christmas.
You might be able to tell I don't take my beer terribly well, one pint and I'm woosy! (two and I'm hungover there and then!) 
Top @ Vintage Etam
hat off of the table!
Cardi @ New Look

Oh and here's a gratuitous necklace shot:
Necklace @ little stall in the canteen at my work

Now that the wedding cakes are done and dusted for this year I decided to have a weekend doing just what I wanted to. So accompanied by the other half, the lovely Emma and  her boyfriend we trotted on down to Brighton. What me predictable? Anyway we had a lovely time moseying around the shops. 

The retail highlight of the day has to be the new Irregular Choice shop in the North Lanes. Once we had unstuck ourselves from the window we boldly went forth into the unknown. I have to say it is just incredible! Its like going into an adult sweet shop (we had already raided the actual sweet shop!) The shop fittings are just gorgeous, the trying on seat is a perspex box full of toys from our youth (everything bright plastic and vintage!) The ceiling is an LED jewelled work of pop art (I could have kicked myself that I didn't have the camera with me!). Then.... there's the shoes! I could shamelessly copy and paste some pictures but  the irregular choice website does it much better than I could! I actually couldn't even single out a favourite! (interestingly this was one of the only 'girl' shops that the boys came into and looked interested in!)

I didn't purchase any shoes but I did pop in to Peacocks (who go up to a 20-22 some of which can be generous) Anyway I bought a leopard vest top for £10 (a down right bargain) I have fallen hook line and sinker for leopard print! This is a size 20 and is really roomy, and fairly short too, just on the edge of a little too short but hopefully it wont shrink (fingers crossed- I'll let you know!) 
Shoes @ New Look
Top @ Peacocks
Cardi @ Tesco
Belt @ Next

I just have to talk about the belt, now I've been collecting belts for a while now....

but my collection was always somewhat lacking, then NEXT decided to start stocking 'extra large', and look again:
Yep you're not seeing things, an X Large in the shop! (in-fact in most styles, Wohoo!) 
This equates to 42.5 - 48.5 inches (that's 108-123cm)

My collection has a new star, I love this belt, I bought it for my Wendy house outfit (which is coming along nicely) but it is a great all rounder. Plus who couldn't resist the matching purse? (not me)
especially when it's this cool inside: 
Belt and purse @ Next

I have one more purchase to share... but that one might have to wait until the next blog post. Hope you are all keeping well and thanks for getting to the end of yet another mammoth post!

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