Saturday, 2 October 2010

I bought a new mac just in time for the rain!

Well I guess I have to eat some of my words here... or I suppose just answer the question 'can I live without evans?' with a No. No I can't it would seem.

I went in to Brighton and was persuaded by me friend Emma and the other half to but the purple bow back mac. I have always been a fan of Evans macs and bought a red one last year, so I guess it's not surprising that I bought another one. (I hasten to add that I tried a fair few other things and still can't seem to get anything else to fit right.) I haven't had chance to try any of the Beth Ditto line as they didn't have it in Brighton :-(  (although hearing a lot of love for the blue velvet dress)

Anyway enough rambling you want the pics! (not the best ones, I feel I could have done it more justice-but its been too rainy to take more!)
mac @ evans

I have been tottering around in this all week and don't have anything bad to say about it! The bow is cute and removable should you not like it (although I think it's gorgeous!) The pockets are sensible (deep enough for stuff, without worrying it will fall out!) The tie is long enough to tie and still have a sensible amount hanging down. Also the coat has belt loops at the front so you don't find the ties trailing when you are carrying the coat or are wearing it open. This is a 22 and there's just enough room for my chest (I refer you to my blog title  for my measurements!)

This mac has been designed by someone switched on, it is fashionable and functional. If everything in Evans had this much care and attention in it I would be broke (er!)


  1. That coat is so nice! You look lovely!

  2. That is a lovely colour! I really like the fit too! Evans is so hit and miss with fits its just not funny!

    I've bought the velvet dress - its lovely! I would highly recommend it!

    I like your jeans too! Where did you get them from?

  3. I love purple and so I have to say your blog layout is beautiful and I love this Jacket - really nice:)

  4. Elizabeth, Thanks, It's always good to get other opinions on things, thanks for commenting!

    Hey Monkey, I know the fit in Evans could make me scream sometimes, but have decided to calm down and just keep trying! Can't wait to see a post of the velvet dress! They're actually just trousers, believe it or not! They are a stretchy pair of trousers that my mum bought me as a present, the label says Happit (and after a quick web search I have just discovered they no longer exist :-( ) and I wear them all of the time.

    Big and Beautiful, thanks for the comments on the layout, there is an awful lot of purple! Although I don't think you can ever have enough purple!

  5. Fantastic! Do these stores ship to the states? oh how I wish I could go shopping.........