Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Bigger Girl = Bigger Buttons?

Hello lovely readers, I hope you are having a good week so far - we are over half way through which is always good! Thanks for following, I am now up to 30 followers and am very chuffed!

Anyway onwards with the content. I went to TESCO last Friday (since I had been left to my own devices for the weekend) I decided to have a totter around the clothes.

I went to the plus section and noticed a cardigan that I quite liked, I decided to pick it up but thought I would go and have a look around the 'regular size' clothes too (I can often wear their 20's & 22's)  I noticed a similar cardigan in the non plus section. Here they are side by side:
The one on the left is the normal size one and the one on the right is the plus one, but they are so different, and I wonder why. 

The fabric is lovely its a black knit with a metallic copper/gold thread through it. The buttons on the plus cardi are bigger (bigger girl = bigger buttons!). The sleeves on the normal cardi are rouched, which I actually really like it's a shame they didn't add this to the plus one. So I wonder, Is it that the bigger one hasn't been afforded the same amount of 'style' as the 'normal' range? Or is it that the designer well meaning and thoughtfully adapted the garment to suit a bigger figure better?

What do you think lovely readers? Do the sleeves and buttons make a big difference? Would it stop you buying it?

I did buy this cardi, I really liked the fabric - although I feel it would look better with the rouched sleeves. Anyhow this is what it looks like on someone who could use bigger buttons!
Cardi @ TESCO
Cami @ Newlook
Necklace @ Jane Norman
Trousers @  M&S
Shoes @ Evans (now departed)
Bag @ Primark

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  1. I love rouched sleeves so I am immediately attracted to the straight-sized cardigan. I don't understand why fat girls cannot have the same detailing on clothes for us. Obviously we're not allowed to have any attention grabbing clothes.

    I do like the cardigan on you though, it is nice, but a would love it with the rouched detailing!