Sunday, 24 October 2010

Yours - New Winter Coat

OK so here's my last big purchase before Christmas. Its a gorgeous leopard print coat by Yours Yours - Leopard print Coat. I went up to their shop in Hull and tried on a few bits and pieces. The ladies there are really lovely and this is a strange observation but the shop smelt lovely and fresh- like oranges!

This coat is not for shrinking violets! It is bold and beautiful!
Now then I wasn't planning on buying a Leopard print coat, having seen Lauren rocking Leopard Print (I love  Pocket Rocket!) I was happy to leave it to her as she look amazing in hers! I'm not a huge fan of fur (real or fake) but when I saw this coat in a beautiful heavy damask I couldn't resist.

The cut is just perfect for me, the A-line shape is really flattering, the tie is the perfect length and it is warm and snuggly!

The only negative with this coat (alas there is one!) all of the buttons fell off! I will be getting my sewing box out. The lady in the shop did knock me £5 off which was really sweet. I can live with doing a bit of sewing so its no big deal for me. If Yours could just go that little bit further with quality they will be unstoppable!

All in all a Great Coat! Thanks to Yours!


  1. It's a beautiful coat- I am aboslutely in love with it! and it goes so great with the little pops of red. Thanks for your comment btw, really means a lot to me :)

  2. Amazing coat! You look gorgeous!

  3. I love this coat, looks lovely!

  4. Thanks ladies. This coat is amazing! I have had so many people say how nice it is.

    @Weesha It's great to read about blogging as well as the fashion. I think we all have experienced similar thoughts and frustrations (and success too) It's nice to get a sanity check sometimes!

  5. Fabulous coat! I really wish I could pull off animal print! Maybe I should try again!

  6. I loved this coat so much on you that I had to track down one for myself, and I'm so glad I did. Fastened up, it's so slimming and I've had a ton of compliments on it :)