Sunday, 10 October 2010

Red Ruffles, what more could a girl need?

Hello to you lovely readers on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Thus far I have had a very uneventful day, although having a lazy one every once in a while is no bad thing. Next weekend is going to be busy with a trip up north so I'm kicking back whilst I can!

As red is one of the central colours this autumn, I have been kitting myself out with some red goodies! I bought some gorgeous red lipstick a few weeks ago and thought I would acquire something red and sexy to wear it with! I'm not going to reveal my red lipstick yet, as I am going out next weekend and I will post a pic. with the whole ensemble (eek I'm so excited- I have been making a dress, can't wait to show you!). 

But this little baby I have to share! 
 Top @ H&M
Cardi @ New Look
Jeans @ New Look
Shoes @ Next
Earings @ New Look

This little red top is from H&M and was £7.99, It's a Viscose type material which is pretty thin, and alas not too forgiving, hence the fairly substantial cardi! It's a shame they didn't choose a slightly thicker material, however that I can forgive in light of the very sexy neckline! This top is very comfy to wear and the colour is stunning. What red items are in your wardrobes this winter?


  1. I love red - alas it doesn't love me. I have a red cardi from Very which I don't wear very often. I love the red top on you - very sultry ;)

  2. you look fab! lovely :) exited to see what you made, I sew most of my dresses myself, always to meet others who create their own fashion too :)

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your blog, you are also very pretty! keep up with the great work:)
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    Shelly :)

  4. What a sexy top, love the color. I'm thinking of buying the red coat of the new collection of Stephanie form Big Beauty.