Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Uncertain Times and New Boots.

Apologies I've been off the radar for a little while, change has been afoot over here. The other half landed himself a new job in Oxfordshire, so I have been getting used to the idea of moving from our little place in Sussex up to a new county altogether! As if that's not enough I have just accepted (well timed) redundancy from my job (which I love to bits) :-( sad but I am currently (and have been for 2 years)  in a site closure situation so it's not a case of 'if' just a case of when. So, still feeling a bit numb, on one hand life is about to get exciting, on the other hand I am faced with the scary prospect of job hunting and uncertain times ahead :-(  

With all this turmoil I have not been spending too much time on-line. I have been keeping an eye firmly on what's in the shops as I am currently deciding what to wear for the works Christmas party. This year will be my last with my current job and I thoroughly intend to push the boat out!

Anyway in the meantime here are a few recent outfits. Nothing startling just a few quick snaps.

This top is from H&M it is very comfy and the shoulder detailing is pretty. I think it looks better in real life than these photos!
 Top @ H&M
Jeans @ Evans
Shoes @ ASDA
Necklace @ ASDA

This outfit is what I wore to a recent Christening:
Necklace @ sensation Brighton
Trousers @ TESCO 
Cami @ Monsoon
Shoes @ Evans
Cardi @ New Look Inspire
Jacket borrowed from mum (since I'm not sure they let you in a church dressed in leopard print!)

Lastly a familiar outfit but I wanted to show you my new boots (forgive the pose I'm a little drunk and being egged on by my parents!)
Boots @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Cami @ H&M
belt @ Evans

These boots are from Evans alas they are no longer on the web but they are great boots. I actually wanted something with a little more heel, as the ones I bought last year are gorgeous but do hurt my feet. As it was, this pair was the only option that were knee high, fitted me, were in leather (not suede- I love suede but would wreck it instantly!) and didn't have a killer heel! Still they are great and I love that Evans do knee highs that fit me! Thanks Evans great boots!


  1. I wish you wisdom with the new situations in your life. That you may enjoy the good part fully and endure the hard ones with strength. By the way the leopard cardi never gets old, huh? Love it..

  2. Good luck with everything! I'm sure it will all work out, at least you can bake lots of cakes now :)

    Also, you look lovely! I am still so jealous of the H&M cardi, haha.

  3. Oh wow! Talk about life changes! I wish you all the best!! You can now devote yourself to blogging and as Elizabeth said start baking cakes for a living you have an amazing talent and the wedding stakes are gonna raise with the fact we have an impending Royal Wedding (app they always do!). I have a friend who's a wedding photographer - perhaps I could hook you up and you could offer a double package? Pictures and cake!

    But seriously - taking a risk often works out for the best. I quit everything a few years ago - job, house, boyfriend, CAT! and hightailed it to Japan for a couple of years. BEST thing I ever did!

  4. New chapter! New adventure.

    All the very best to both of you and happy moving! I know that part can be a bit of a downer but once you settle into the new place, it'll feel all warm and fuzzy again when the unpacking begins! (I know I did years felt like Christmas when I excitedly opened the boxes I packed)... =p

    Good luck x

    BTW, awesome looking cardi! Adds a dash of attitude to the whole attire.

  5. I live in Oxfordshire! Where abouts are you moving to? It might be near me! (Email me if you like, it's on the contact part of my blog!)

  6. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I'm looking forward to a change. There are many things about Sussex that I love but I will be excited to come back and visit. I do have the luxury of being here till March so just have to concentrate on getting a job now!

    The leopard cardi is truly brilliant isn't it! I know H&M can be quite annoying -their range is very limited but they really do come up trumps when they get it right!

    Monkey - Alas the cakes are on the back burner at the moment, as much as I love doing them they do take over my life totally. Hopefully the future will bring me a big enough kitchen to take it on in a manageable way!

    Kat- I will e-mail you soon, yey! I know one person in Oxfordshire already!

  7. best of luck with everything! follow your heart, believe in your self, and go for it! :)

    I have exactely the same top with the ruffled shoulders, am just getting ready to sew a dress with it LOL

    I love your blog.

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface