Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Kind of Weather for a Lovely Cuddly Jumper.

Well we have snow here in abundance. Lots and lots of snow fell last night and through today. I was obviously gutted when I phoned into work and discovered the site was closed however, I battled on sitting on the sofa, playing on the wii with the other half, drinking hot chocolate and starting a sewing project!

I wanted to show you my bargain jumper from Peacocks I have been after a patterned jumper for a while but most of the ones out there are dress length and generally don't suit me. This one is very snuggly (it is draped over my knees as I type) and at £13 you can't really go wrong! It is a size 20 and is a belted cardigan so lots of room in it plus the kimono sleeves go over tops long sleeved and short. (they probably look best over a long sleeved top)

I love that the pattern stops in the bottom area! (fussy patterns only add to the bottom expanse!)
 Boots @ Evans
Cardi @ Peacocks

Now for a terribly unflattering picture of me in the snow:
Yes I abandoned fashion in favour of practicality today! I popped on my karrimor walking boots (courtesy of TK Maxx) which are amazing - besides being very light my feet remained warm and dry!
I also donned three jumpers and my regatta coat which cleverly includes a fleece and a waterproof (so I guess that's 4 jumpers!)

(In this picture I am standing on a step would you believe! The straight line by my left foot is actually the edge of our bottom step outside the back door!)

We had a great time playing in the snow then came home for hot chocolate with marshmellows cream and malteesers!

In other happenings we Supported Movember at work this month (since us ladies couldn't grow out own moustaches we made/bought fake ones!) Here's my effort! It's the Ned Flanders with added pink! (and sequins!)
Cami @ monsoon
Cardi @ M&S (last year)

Stay safe in the snow folks!


  1. Looks like you've had a touch more snow than we have!! My mum who lives in the north has had about 2ft!!

    Like the cardigan btw! Very snuggly!

  2. Yeah I under-estimated how bad it was and was quite shocked when we went out! My folks are up in yorkshire and they have more than down here (don't think they're quite up to 2ft though - that must be very hard to deal with!)

    Yeah the cardi is great they do it in red too but alas no big sizes left:-( I think it looks a little more flattering in real life I seem to be slouching a bit in these photos!

  3. I wish Canada would shut down when it gets this little snow! Haha, we get feet and feet and I still have to walk to class in it :(

  4. I like the giant collars of the snuggly sweater and belted things are the best because it means room for expansion and contraction!