Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Party Outfit

Here's my Christmas party outfit for this year. It was a rather strange one this year, I seemed to start off composed, got pretty tipsy in the middle and then regained some composure towards the end! It was a good night though - not epic- just good. 

This dress is from re-dress in New York, I bought it back in the spring whilst on holiday. I forgot about it and pulled it out at the last minute - this year I spent ages trying far too hard to put an exciting outfit together, I was desperate to buy something new but instead I pulled everything out of the wardrobe and bought three new jumpers instead! 

dress @ redress NYC
Cardigain @ New Look
Shoes @ New Look
Bag @ ?!
Bracelet @ New Look
Necklace - Whitby Jet

For the first year ever I booked a hair appointment and got my hair professionally styled for the event. Here's the best photo I could find - alas I didn't take a proper one. Bye the way let me introduce my other half and photographer, believe it or not he pretty much pulls this face in any potentially nice photo of us! So I'm blogging it hah!

Not sure what is happening here, but one things for sure the headband and tie were not mine to start with! Throughout the course of the evening I also became the temporary owner of two tiaras and a sparkly red hat.
 Here's the obligatory balloon stealing moment: (plus the comfy shoes too- also new look!)

Hope you all go to fabulous parties this year! Anyone planning fabulous outfits?


  1. What a fabulous dress! You look absolutely stunning! Gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous dress! You look fabulous :)

  3. With that red lipstick, you look very pretty and super chic.

  4. You are so beautiful. red is perfect for you!

  5. Thanks my lovelies! I love wearing red and have never been brave enough to wear red lipstick until I started blogging!

  6. Gorgeous as ever! The dress fits you so well, your boobs look amazing!

  7. Just discovered/followed your blog. You have such lovely outfits!