Monday, 20 September 2010

Another weekend another wedding!

Well my other half and I went to our third wedding of the year this weekend. I again made the cake, this one was my first multi flavoured cake, and so was quite stressful! I like doing fruit cakes as they can be done well in advance but sponge cakes need to be fresher so have to be left until the last minute, which leaves exactly no room for error!

Anyhow enough babbling, this is my latest (thankfully oops free!) creation. By the way my friend got engaged at Disneyland hence the Mickeys!

I guess I should show you my outfit from the wedding. There are very few photos of me that I actually like! I didn't have time to do my hair properly and could have done with my Ann Summers tape to affix my dress to my bra straps as it kept slipping and driving me crazy! Saturday was just one of those days when I felt bleigh. Anyway I put that aside as I had rather a lot to do, as well as making and getting the cake to the wedding in one piece I had a reading to do. I count myself lucky to have a fair amount of self confidence but getting up to do a reading in-front of 60+ people and not wrecking your friends wedding day is a fairly tall order. Thankfully the reading went well (I managed to hide my wobbly legs!) Sadly I got a little too tired and drunk a little too early in the evening, so needed my bed a bit too early! Here is what I wore:

Dress@ monsoon
Shoes@ Newlook
Bag @ bags etc.
Pashmina @ tie rack

I also went to see the rocky horror show in Brighton (great place to see it, so so many dressed up people!) Here is a quick OOTD of what I wore (again feeling a little bleigh!)
Cami @ monsoon
lace top @ Tesco
cardi @ Tesco


  1. That cake is incredible, you are very talented!
    and i absolutely LOVE the dress and shoes you wore to the wedding - the dress has a very 50s-ish pattern - gorgeous!

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I love the dress you are wearing! As for the Rocky Horror ... it was definitely more rock than horror :o) I wore fishnets, corset and mini skirt when I went a couple of years about! Damn it Janet!!

  3. Love your purple shoes, such a eye catcher and of course loving the lace, who doesn't love lace, aagh.

  4. Your cakes are GORGEOUS and I love your fashion sense. Two weeks ago, I didn't know there were any other bloggers my size who posted their sartorial choices, and now I am discovering a new fantastic fancy lady every day! Love it. You have already inspired me with your lovely clothes.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies!