Saturday, 25 February 2012

OOTD New look Africa Stripe Dress.

So you know those dresses pictured on the section headers on websites. The ones alongside the 'new in'
or 'dresses' top of page banner? The dresses that are prime examples of the new trends, shot with dynamic models and wind blown tousled locks? The dresses that NEVER have links to them, and I mean in time or space? The ones that take detective work to find?

This dress is one of those.

Plus here's all my favourite poses!

1. feet together, hand on hip, front on, looking like a lemon:
2. Pigeon toed, hands by sides, front on, goofy smile, still looking like a lemon:
3. Front on, pigeon toed, double hands on hips cheating the lens into thinking my waist is smaller! Gotta love the double hands on hips!
 4. Its a wall- what do I do? dunno how about a strange unnatural lean, FAIL me thinks!
 5. OK so technically the same pose as number 1, I just kinda like this photo!
6. The in motion re-arrangement shot!

Shoe drool. Bought these from New look, had a bit of a zip dilemma as to whether they would go up properly, I'm glad to report they do -just! They are not a wide fit tho. Comfy despite being high, wouldn't do more than totter into a restaurant in them tho.
 Dress @ New look here
leggings @ Evans (old)
Shoes @ New Look
Clutch @ New Look
Belt @ Evans
Cardi @ Evans

Sizing: after much agonizing over a 22 or a 26 (since the 24 was sold out online) I went with a 22, this proved to be the right direction (in-fact there's still room in the dress) Its elasticated at the waist but the fabric is non stretchy, so I was surprised it fitted at the waist well.

So overall impressions of this dress. Its a winner (esp for 23quid), wasn't sure at first and I don't think it works without the belt as it has a wide bit of beige pattern across the waist which I think widens my waist when not belted with a darker colour. I also wasn't keen with a short cardi as I wanted the skirt to be fairly straight down and not too poofed out at the waist.

The fabric is very thin as you can see in the last picture. I think this dress will be great for spring summer and I fully intend to get my pins out in it when the weather gets hotter. For now styled up with layers I really like this dress. I wont be buying into the Aztec trend big time, I suspect I will just leave it here. I'm glad I bought this 'website banner worthy dress' tho.


  1. Very pretty. I love Inspire. xXx

    1. Yeah I have always been an inspire fan, the quality v's price is pretty good.

  2. Cute dress! You look lovely. ^^d
    Love the wedges too.

  3. This dress looks so lovely on you. Love the print, and those shoes! x

    1. Thanks really excited about the print, it's tribal but I think it will last a few seasons too.

  4. I knew you'd look great in it after you told me you had bought the dress!

    And the shoes then? WHOOO! I love them! They're not available anymore?

    This whole look is perfect, I adore it!


    1. Thanks lovely lady!

      I was quite excited about this dress. The shoe boots were a bit of an impulse buy, they are still available in beige tho here:

      I liked the black ones too but alas they are sold out online. unless you are a sz 9!

      w x

  5. Amazing dress! It looked even better in the flesh! Plus I do like those shoeboots - even if you couldn't do the stairs in them well!

    1. Thanks my favourite Monkey!

      I think the boots will get easier to walk in when I get used to them. Slow and steady and not too tipsy is the way to go!

      w x

  6. i love that dress its gorgeous and the booties are just adorable :)


    p.s. theres a Giveaway on my blog id appreciate it if youd check it out

  7. I really love the print of the dress, I love the bits of orange in it. I never know how to pose for pictures, I just stand there and awkwardly smile.


  8. This is lovely. I was sent something TRYING to be similar by George (ASDA) last year that works NO WHERE near as well as this.

    I like the dress styled with the layers, as you've done it and like yourself, would have tried a size down. It is so hard when you have to make that choice, but usually as its my boobs that need the room, I try a size lower and then text fabric stretch. TOO BIG is usually worse for me than a LITTLE small!

  9. this is a nice look indeed! you are from York? it's a place I SO have to visit!!! btw, I lived in Oxofrd which I adore and still miss sooo much!!

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  10. damn!! I wish I bought this- you look great in it! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  11. I love the dress.... its Missoni-like, and I think I have the same locket necklace (if not similar).