Sunday, 3 January 2016

OOTD: First Wedding Anniversary, Live Unlimited

I am quickly turning into a Live Unlimited groupie! I decided not to buy a new dress for the Christmas party this year, instead I wore the spectacular black and white Live Unlimited dress, from their first collection. I wore that dress here and have worn it numerous times since, it's a dress that frequently rescues me from 'having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear' syndrome!

Here is a picture from the first time I wore this dress:

Our first Wedding Anniversary was on the 30th of December and since I was so good not buying a dress before Christmas I thought I would treat myself to a nice new frock.

I had been stalking the blue and green jewel tones of the latest Live Unlimited collection on the Evans website:

Anyhow Christmas was very busy and I left it a bit too late to order online (and lets face it I hate ordering clothes on line!), so I thought I'd pop to my local Evans store and see if I could try any on. My nearest store is Newbury, alas when I got there I found they were closing which I am gutted about (but I'll save you the shopping in stores rant for now). They didn't have any of the above, but they did have an older gem in the sale. It is this beautiful purple dress with a sparkly underneath and an expertly draped chiffon overlay. I am wearing the size 26/28, which seemed like it might be a bit big, but it was worth the try on as it fits pretty well.
The low back on this dress (in contrast to the high front) is also gorgeous, it felt very sexy to wear. It's one of those dresses which expertly covers and skims the body whilst still being a sexy cut.
The colour of this dress matched the heels of  my irregular choice wedding shoes so well, and it was a great opportunity to wear them again.
We went to a spa hotel in the New Forest (Careys Manor and Senspa), for an afternoon in the Spa, followed by dinner, bed and breakfast.  It was a relaxing afternoon followed by an exceptional dinner. It was an indulgent treat but our stay felt luxurious, so it was well worth it.


  1. You look gorgeous and those shoes are to die for. I'm so envious of you getting to go to all these lovely places.


    1. I spent so long not going to cool places and then thought if I wanted to do stuff I just have to go ahead and book it. Have done some good stuff through last minute and various on-line deals. Mostly life is boring, there are whole weeks where I do nothing, it feels like I go to work come home and sleep, but occasionally we do something fun :-)

  2. It looks great on you! Just goes to show you should always give something a try on because I saw this in store and wasn't wowed by it. Also LOVE the shoes lady.

    1. Hehe, thanks, the shoes are amazing, can't wear them for long but they are so pretty!

  3. It was such an intimate moment and you could really feel the love and energy in the place. Our ceremony at wedding venues Los Angeles was the most beautiful and romantic ceremony I could have ever expected (and all our guests made sure to tell us they felt the same way once it was over!).

  4. It was a cold day and people lining up for flowers. I quickly took note of so I can return next time instead. Today I made a trip to pick up their $10 prearrange bouquet.