Sunday, 9 September 2012

New Boots and an autumn OOTD

Last weekend I did a bit of shopping! In a way I was dreading the shopping task at hand. Last year my trusty knee high boots finally died (in a variety of ways all at once!) They were comfy wearable sensible and stylish. I was not looking forward to finding some more given the usual available options!

Still I went to Evans, which really is the only place I can try on and buy knee highs. Despite having some quality issues with past Evans boots I decided to give it anther go. I went to Reading and tried on a few different styles, the main criteria was that they had to be wearable on a daily basis and comfy. I was determined to buy black boots, so what did I come out of Evans with?
Yes I bought tan ones! These boots are pretty good. They are lovely and comfy. As for fit my ankles are 9 inches and my calves are 17 inches, They are a little baggier in the ankles than I would like but they are a lovely fit otherwise. I bought a size 5- I am usually a size 7 in new look!
Back to the calf fitting, there are two elastic panels and an adjustable buckle (mine is on the middle hole) although If I put them on the biggest fitting I can get my hand in the boots in addition to my leg! See:
So I would say that you could easily get another inch out of them. Despite their leather look they are not leather which is a shame but the lining of these is just lovely.

I also splashed out on some new jeans from Evans and a top from New look too.
Top @ New Look
Jeans @ Evans
Boots @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Necklace and bangle ?!

The jeans are a size 22 regular bootcut and are very comfy, I also have some 20's in the same fit (bought last year) as I tend to find they are quite stretchy but this time I went for comfort! I have my fingers crossed that they will keep their shape.

In other news I dusted off the sewing machine for a craft project...

..and went to Brighton for sushi and general Brighton fun...

...where I ordered another Get Cutie which I cant wait to get my hands on and show you!

p.s. there are a lot of Evans boot sponsored posts going around at the moment, but this one isn't sponsored x
p.p.s. i also don't have shares in hobby craft!


  1. These look lovely, I like a good tan boot, I have an old pair from clarks that I can no longer do up but loved them to death, I have had a lot of success in next the last few years with there wide fit knee highs and bigger stores often have them to try on. xx

  2. I love your boots having 21 inch calfs I can never get boots to fit :( your looking lovely I love the purple of your top. Those kindle cases are amazing! Xx

  3. i might have to give evans a look, i have such an issue buying boots, didn't know the Reading store was any good.x

  4. I have never thought to look in Evans for boots !
    Definitely will have a look there this winter :)
    Launa in Ponderland

  5. I adore these boots, it is so hard to find a cute pair of brown boots.


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  7. AWESOME! Your boots look adorable! This might be good for me since I have long legs. Hmm…I would love buy stylish boots too! Those boots look pretty on you. I would suggest that you pair it a pretty pair of shorts. You seem to have a great taste of the trending fashion!

    Lisette Laughlin

  8. hello lovely! Not been on here in a while as ive been AWOL on the blog front.

    Just noticed ou made the kindle covers- they are amazing! I dont suppose you sell them do you? Im getting a kindle for Christmas and would love one of them! xxx