Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas OOTD, DIY!

This year I decided to make my own Christmas party outfit, I found this amazing poinsettia fabric whilst I was up in Hull back in October. I took inspiration from the 50's as I feel most comfortable in this kind of cut. I took a dress that I already had(from new look!) and made a pattern with dressmakers pattern paper, then I just got stuck in with the scissors and the sewing machine!

As for the party it was great fun, there were far too many seriously bad drunken dancing pictures. 

Hope your parties have gone down well!
Dress handmade
Shoes @ M&S
Belt @ Next
Shrug @ Evans


  1. You look so gorgeous and amazing skills, you clever thing! X x x

  2. Looking fabulous you talented thing!

  3. wow, what an amazing dress, you are really talented x

  4. You look gorgeous your dress is amazing xx

  5. Lovely dress! My sewing machine is sitting unloved in the cupboard under the stairs. I like the fact you have a wine in hand in every shot - my kinda girl! :) xx

  6. Awesome job!! I so wish I could sew! That dress looks amazing!

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  8. Love the dress! Before I read the post I scrolled down to see where I could buy it, only to see you had made it, very impressive, more than I could do!