Sunday, 7 October 2012

OOTD & Where my Evans Boots have been!

Just a quick OOTD from yesterday. We went for a bike ride to the village pub for lunch, given that I wanted to look respectable when I got there I decided to ditch the usual trainers and jeans for my nice new top from Next, purple Jeggings from Sainsburys and Evans knee high boots.
Boots @ Evans
Top @ Next
Jeggings @ Sainsbury's

I tried on a pair of purple skinnies in Evans but I was a little on the fence, I kinda wanted to try out the purple skinnies trend but decided to leave it then I came across this pair of Jeggings in Sainsburys (for half the price!), they are a size 20 and I decided in a moment of madness to just give them a try, and they actually fit OK. Colour wise they go quite nicely with this tunic from Next (sz 22)
The pub is a couple of miles away but the terrain is countryside and involves quite a lot of hills, including a bit that is seemingly uphill in both directions! There was a fair amount of mud around so it seemed like a good opportunity to put the Evans boots through their paces. I have to say they did pretty well, the only niggle really is that the slight bagginess around the ankles caught on my chain guard a little, I really wish they fitted a bit closer in the ankles. Still I think the mud proves that I put these boots to the test and my feet remained warm and dry.
These boots have also been on a trip to see the long man of Wilmington in Sussex. We were at a wedding so I didn't really pack shoes for a hike, I did however manage to get from the car park up the hill to see him a bit closer. Once again these boots held up beautifully in the wet grass and my feet were comfy and dry. 

I guess I will just leave you with a cheezy tourist shot!
Jumper @ Next
Jeans @ Evans
Boots @ Evans


  1. I love the last pose! I wish I could get boots to fit boo hoo :( your looking lovely as always xx

  2. haha, love the tourist shot and LOVE the boots!

  3. Great outfit.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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