Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ruby Rocks It's official!

There's always something you need in your wardrobe.. right? It's like a never ending battle of disintegrating bras, worn out trousers, leggings with holes, tops that get sacrificed to the goddess of dropping your dinner down yourself!?

Well I have been on a buying onslaught this year I have now acquired decent work trousers, jeans that I am happy with, some good staple tops and a full compliment of knickers thanks to M&S and me getting angry with evans ones and throwing them ALL out.

It's time to add something that I never contemplated wearing before.. a day dress/tunic or two! I started with this one then this one. both courtesy of new look, I will try and post an outfit pic. of the blue one at some point.

Now I have a new addition from Ruby Rocks (via style 369 in the sale) I ordered this dress in a 24 as I figured I could live with it being too big but not too small. Turns out it was a good choice as it is perfectly sized for me. It is very comfortable to wear and I didn't feel that I needed to add a belt as it is beautifully shaped on its own. Here are some pics taken in the lanes in Brighton (whilst we were waiting for our favourite Japanese cafe to open - E-Kagen on Sydney Street if anyone is down that neck of the woods!)

Dress @ Ruby Rocks (Via style 369) Size 24
Boots @ Evans
Black top @ ASOS (If I could I'd buy 10 more!)
Leggings - oh any old ones will do to be honest!
Watch @ Gucci (quite elderly now!) 
Glasses @ Prada (getting on a bit too!)

So in Conclusion Ruby most certainly Rocks! I will be keeping my eye on what they have to offer in the coming season!

Anyone else a fan of Ruby Rocks?


  1. I am *just* doing a post on my Ruby Rocks dress - I did look at this one but went with the longer sleeved blue and red one instead. I really like the design and I sized up and found that it fitted ok...I'm sure the smaller size would have been ok as well.

    I've been to Moshi Moshi in Brighton but not E-kagen - I might try it next time I'm in Brighton.

  2. E-Kagen is brilliant, we tend to frequent the Brighton food scene quite often! We have become a bit blinkered of late we always seem to choose e-kagen! (or Pom Poko opposite the dome) Brighton has some fabulous places to eat, do you get down often?

  3. ooh i havent tried E-Kagen - is it the one above the oriental supermarket? I *live* in Pompoko though!

    I'm really loving this dress, it looks great on you!

  4. i love ruby rocks dresses! i bought the long sleeved blue and red one and it is amazing i love it soo much, i never want to take it off (but obviously i will) i also just bought the tie dye jumpsuit in the sale off style369 for 7quid can't wait for it to come! :)

    you look lovely in this dress i wanted to get this two but it had sold out by the time i got round to ordering :P xx

  5. The neverending battle of disintegrating things seem right because like you, I have just replenished bras and undies from M&S! I simply love M&S but yet, they carry limited sizes here which aggrieve me. I've only bought about 2 bras from Evans which doesn't seem very true to size so if I manage to accumulate enough M&S bras, I won't buy anymore from them. Oh and the dress is so pretty on you! Lovely feather-ish prints.

  6. @Loz, yeah E kagen is above the supermarket, it is well worth a visit - their sushi/sashimi is just lovely! though beware it closes around 4:30pm but re-opens again at 6:30pm (we are usually banging down the door!) As for your blog I am now following- good luck fellow Sussexer!

    @ Rose they are gorgeous aren't they. I had to be good and choose one but liked the red and blue one too, hope the jumpsuit is good - let us know!

    @Dee, I've had problems with the sizing in Evans too I have a couple - bought a very good plunge one from them a little while ago. I can only go with some M&S Bras too, the autograph ones are pretty good but it's pot luck as to the fabric v's fit. I don't often have the determination needed for bra shopping - It usually occurs when I end up with a wire making a break for it!

  7. Oh my god, CUTE!

    I loved the print of the dress when I first saw it but the neckline scared me. Now that I see it on you I wonder if they still have it in my size, I must go check! You look so good!

  8. yeah I wasn't convinced by the neckline either but it seems to work pretty well, I think its because its quite low cut, difficult to wear a necklace with tho!

  9. I love tunics, I think they're easy to wear and so womanly :)
    And I like your dress!

  10. I love their collection, but also didn't dare to buy. I've had some problems with sizing. Ordering clothes that are too big. I kind of lost my feel with the sizing lately. I see you'll be going 2 London. Would be glad to meet u in person. There are so many people going, I don't know how it will act out.
    Cute dress, looking forward to other OOTD.

  11. I've ordered this dress and it should arrive soon. It's not the usual style of dress I buy (mainly due to the neckline) but I'm feeling much more confident about my purchase now that I've seen it on you. It's very cute.

    Frances x