Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mystery Fashion Object!

My mum is amazing when it comes to unusual Christmas presents, this year I received this:

'It's lovely' I exclaimed 'Erm.. but what is it Mum?' Once she explained I was very excited!

Can you guess what it is?  Here's a hint... it is pictured in the pub above -in its element!

OK I won't keep you in suspense here's the answer...

...It's a bag hook! It curls up into a little compact sized trinket and slips into your bag, then when you go to a pub with a sticky floor or you're worried that someone will swipe your prized Prada you can pop the hook next to you and dangle your handbag where you can keep a watchful eye on it! Amazing isn't it?!

As to where it came from... only father Christmas (and perhaps e-bay) has the answer!


  1. That is ingenious! How clever!

  2. haha I love it! Very clever :)