Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wood Shed Chic!

Well here's the last OOTD from 2011. I picked up this ensemble whilst down in Brighton. The key Pieces are from H&M. I think H&M is appealing to my toned down side at the moment. I am usually full of colour but just lately I have been feeling muted shades, not sure why, but I guess that's the transitory nature of fashion! 

I can't find these trousers on the H&M website, interestingly BiB seems to have transformed into H&M+ I guess a name change maybe means they are thinking about the plus side, fingers crossed they can pull out some cracking pieces next year.

Anyway back to the trousers, they are a lovely tweed material which hasn't come out on these photos very well. They are a size 26 (seriously I think I can call BINGO on my H&M size card since I do believe I have something in every size of the BiB/H&M+ range!) I wouldn't wear these trousers with a top any shorter than this as I'm not keen on the fitting around the front, although they are high waisted which is a must in trousers for me. They are a touch long when standing still, although I think they are just about OK for regular height me!
The cardi is also H&M BiB/+ (again can't find on the net) I love the buttoned cuff detail, finally details on plus clothing, hurrah! The beige is a new colour for me, a year ago I wouldn't have touched it, let alone hand over hard earned cash for it! This is a L (which I think is the smallest size they do! lol!) I may have bought and XL if they had one but since I never wear a cardigain buttoned up I tend to go for smaller sizes.  
Onto the bag, mmm... the lovely bag! It's from Yoma in the lanes in Brighton eek! me in a boutique, usually there a bit too frightening! I had my eyes on it back in summer, and was going to splurge some redundancy on it (£75- much higher than my usual bag budget!), although in the end common sense prevailed and instead I bought things like an ironing board kettle and toaster. Well they still had it last week and my lovely other half bought me it at a sale price of £40. In the end it was an agonising choice as I liked its big brother too!
Bag @ Yoma
Top @ ASOS
Cardi @ H&M
Trousers @ H&M
Boots @ Evans
Necklace @ Next

p.s. do you like the location? It's the wood shed that my talented man made? I'm so proud of him and his super fly woodworking skills! Plus we stocked it with enough wood to keep us warm throughout the winter! Mmm toasty toes!


  1. I love that bag! It's so catchy, like BAM! Like a firework on a New Year's Day. Happy New Year..

  2. Ooooh that big is preeeeeetty. Bet it feels much nicer given that it was bought in the sale by someone else! :) Jen x

  3. such a pretty bag!!! I'm such a bag person, they're the thing I get the biggest thrill from, outside of actual clothes, like. Really love the colours on you, and that location is do indeed have a talent man...well done you!

  4. What a lovely bag! You're very lucky to have a man into DIY :) x

  5. I absolutely adore this outfit, it is so hard to find great trousers as a plus sized lady, or at least I always seem to have a hard time with it. This outfit is perfect for work or a formal get together. You look gorgeous, I wish H&M had the online shop in the States! I've heard its coming but it cannot come soon enough.

    Happy New Year!


  6. That outfit is subtly stylish, but that bag is gorgeous, really eyecatching :)