Sunday, 18 December 2011

H&M Party Dress

Well things are pretty busy here as usual! Working, getting ready for Christmas, cleaning, cooking, shoopping, and of course partying! My party season has been a bit more sedate this year.. although you wouldn't think so as I've racked up three turkey dinners so far! 

Last night we attended a party at a swanky rooftop restaurant the invite was through the other half's work so I didn't know anyone! I decided to wear a toned down dress from H&M. I know there's not a lot of love out there for H&M's plus line but this is one blogger who would miss them if they vanished.

H&M's negatives include a limited range not stocked by many stores along with very poor sizing. Looking on the bright side (as always!) when they get it right, they really do get it right, I love this dress!
Dress @ H&M
Cardi @ New Look
Shoes Carvella @ TK Maxx
Handbag ?
Tights ?!

This dress is lovely to wear, It cost £30 but feels like an £80 dress. The satin is sturdy and not particularly shiny (I hate very shiny satin, urgh!) there are also pockets in the front of the dress (something I know is popular, I'm not too worried about pockets, I always have a pretty handbag!) Lengthwise its just below my knee, which is handy as when seated it remains decent! Onto the negatives, this dress is hard to get hold of and essential to try on - this is a size 28, which is ridiculous, I am around a 20-22. I have only found a few places where the BiB range is stocked Hull, Brighton, Crawley and Reading are the best in my travels.

I hope your Christmas preparation is going smoothly, I am dreading the fresh veg run but looking so forward to having a break! Happy partying! w x


  1. Looking good, very demure!! Totally agree about the sizing, I've always found it to come up very small!! X

  2. H & M is completely ridiculous, so you did well to find this - looks great! Jen x

  3. Looking lovely! I agree that when H&M hit rather than miss, its a big out of the park hit rather than a meh one.

    I've so far racked up two christmas parties from work....all this festivities is exhausting!!

  4. You look lovely! I love the dress and I hate not having the plus sized line in the States for H&M. I do recall when I was a size 12/14 how wonky the sizing at H&M was and was always like "wwwhhhat?" when people would claim H&M made their clothes big? I suppose for some but my hips and boobs never agreed.

    Three turkey dinners isn't bad. I haven't had one yet this year.


  5. couldn`t agree more about h&m. as far as i know, they don`t even sell plus size here in japan. found a few nice things over the summer in finland but sizes were incredibly difficult to find. ended up buying a knit dress 3 sizes SMALLER than my normal size. O.o;;
    anyhoops, that dress is really cute and you look lovely in it! ^^d MMxoxo

  6. super cute dress!!! Which H&M's have a plus range??? I have to check it out while still in Europe!