Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yours tunic, stumbled upon and likely to be worn to death!

Hello lovely readers! Well things have been as busy as usual here, lots of Christmas preparation, not enough blogging!

Anyhow I have purchased a few bits and bobs recently, despite trying not to!  I've been on the search for a cheap black longline top to wear with a leopard print mini skirt that I bought from New Look. This outfit is a by-product of that unsuccessful shopping venture!

I bought this top this top from Yours when I went to Hull. Its a good solid basic that can be styled up in different ways. Although the jersey has a tendency to be a little clingy the cut on this is pretty good, it clings a little on the hips but not so much on the bottom of the tumi, this is also a size 20. The leggings in the top shot are also a size 20 and are from Evans (wow 2 retailers agreeing on size for once!) As an aside... I was only musing the other day how I have everything from an 18 to a 28 in my wardrobe, which is nuts, would you really expect someone who is a size 10 to have size 20 clothes in their drawers? I think not.
...anyway back to the leggings, they are actually pretty good, kinda like tights but footless comfy and much more likely to survive more that 10 minutes wear! Hey Evans any chance of popping some feet in them? Perhaps might be a technical challenge, but with boundless reward!
 Anyhow here's my first look (at my folks house)...
Tunic @ Yours
belt @ ASOS curve
Leggings @ Evans
Necklace @ Next
Boots @ Evans
hair by Toni & Guy - a new cut for the festive season!

 Onto my second look, this was a friday night, I had chapped sore lips, hence the red cover up, I did noting with my hair other that pull through a bit of Pantene Ice shine serum. I actually like this look, despite feeling very rough (has been a bit of a theme lately- I seem to be having trouble settling into winter this year-maybe its because of being in a new county, maybe sussex turned me into a bit of a softie!) I do love my kickflares, I think at heart I will always be a kickflare kinda gal!
Jeans @ Evans
Belt @ Next
Boots @ Next

Hopefully I will be blogging my new party dress (bit of another unplanned purchase!) soon! Its from H&M and is a more demure look than usual (read as 'less sequinny'!), as my christmas party season has become a bit more sedate this year, which I'm not too upset by, just haven't had the same gusto for the christmas do this year, thus far 2011 has been quite a challenge, I will be more that happy for new years eve. I really do need a break.

I hope your party season is going well folks! Until next time.. w x


  1. great find that tunic! ^^v seems really versatile and fun for any occasion. ^^v
    lookin cute! ^^v MMxoxo

  2. Plus size clothing drives me nuts with the differences in sizing, I have so many different sizes in my wardrobe like you, I have given up looking at the labels and just try on a range till i get the right fit!

    This top looks fabulous on you :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous tunic! Yours sometimes really hit the right spot. Looking forward to seeing the new party dressk!

  4. Love this tunic! I really love the first look, as am partial to a navy and gold combo so I am looking at it and thinking 'ooohhh...'

    But the second look is just as fab, and in fact you look equally just shows you that how we see ourselves isnt how we appear as I saw the picture and thought 'lovely hair, wonder how she did it' and then when I read it was pretty much as was sort of hair, I was even more impressed!

    I agree that evans definitely need to just pop some feet in those leggings, and then they'd be rolling in the other words, make some decent fitting tights, evans bigwigs!

    Finally, cant wait to see your party dress...I'm entirely obsessed with party dresses atm, but then thats fitting given the time of year.