Sunday, 20 November 2011

Howdy my lovelies, hope you have had a great week. I have been mainly sniffling and sneezing this week, although I refuse to accept the onset of winter, so whilst there are still leaves on the trees I am going to show you another autumnal outfit.

I bought this top in Evans in Hull last weekend. My mum pointed it out as she thought it has some great colours in it, I think I have to agree! It's a great bridging piece, since it has brown, burgandy and blue which means it goes well with black leggings and brown boots or with jeans too. So whatever I pull out of the ironing pile then! This picture is a bit bleached out as my camera seems to have problems with bright daylight at the moment, grr! This top is a sz 24btw, its a little big but my plan was to belt it.
 Here's me trying 'serious' I think we can all agree that it's not my look: goofy smile it is from now on!
Top @ Evans
Cardi @ H&M
Belt @ ASOS curve
Leggings @ evans
boots@ evans
necklace @ next

Whilst we are on the subject of winter, here's my new winter coat. It's from New look (here) and again is a mum pick... she is pretty good at shopping. I really wasn't in the market for a new coat but hey ho it found it's way home with me! Now then, I don't usually go anywhere near double breasted stuff but this seems to work. These photos do not do it justice, this coat is much better in the flesh- the colour is better.

New look have billed this as a military style coat, I'm not so sure, its just a well cut double breasted coat. The pockets are in just the right place, the gathered sleeves are cute and it's lovely and warm. This is a sz24 btw.
OOTD's are always better when next doors cat invades!
coat @ New look
scarf @ New Look
hat @ new look


  1. I love the top AND the coat! Excellent finds! I am managing with a number of coats at the moment - a green one I picked up at FSS, my leather bomber jacket, red pleather biker jacket and my dead rat (fur) - all from last year!!

    I love your boots! I'm struggling to find a pair at the moment and I'm making do with last years... but I have my eye on these babies from Joe Browns...,size:7

  2. LOve the top outfit its sooooo something i would wear xx im going to have a look in evans for this top x

  3. Ooh those boots are lovely! I also just spied the joe browns ultimate coat, I shouldn't look no good for the bank balance!

    I have quite a few macs but a smart coat never goes a miss!

  4. I love the coat and wish I'd seen it before I bought mine! I got a black duffle coat from Evans. x

  5. I love the top and the Coat, it is truly gorgeous. you look fabulous in both, may have to invest in the top! xx

  6. ooohh gorgeous top! And I'll have to check out New Look's jackets- awesome!

    I hope you are feeling better soon! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  7. i love the coat! absolutely lovely..and the colour rocks!! <3

  8. I am still into those boots- so versatile!


  9. Really, really like the top....its slightly restored my faith in Evans as I was starting to fear I'd never like anything they made ever again....but that is seriously fab!

    Really love the coat, and the scarf/hat and the boots make it even more lovely.....looks warm, cosy and stylish...perfect winter attire!

  10. That coat scarf hat combo is so adorable. Also love the colorful top from evans... perfectly winter ready!

  11. You look so cute! I love the coat, it's such a beautiful colour. Winter perfection :)

  12. Your purple coat is really amazing! And oh - the cat is so playful! Look at what he's doing with your scarf? He wants to play!

    Anyway, hope I can get a replica of that coat at This is where I shop for cheap clothing and fashionable apparels and you might be interested on their amazing stuff and prices.

  13. cute! :) love the coat! :)


  14. Thanks for all the comments I do love reading them! The coat is going strong and I am enjoying wearing it, it is also proving nice and warm in the very cold weather we have been having lately. I am also wearing the evans top to death too!

    W x