Sunday, 13 November 2011

Something a bit different plus a gorgeous pair of Evans boots.

Hello lovelies I hope you are all well!

This weekend was great it involved shopping, lots and lots of shopping! 

I felt the need for an unscheduled trip home to Hull this weekend. Hull is a fabulous city in my humble (and completely biased!) opinion, the shopping is Excellent! As far as plus size shopping goes it's as good as it gets we have a New Look with full inspire section, two Evans, a Yours, a H&M with BiB, a Huge Monsoon, a two floor Primark and a rather big M&S. Given that I grew up there that may be why I'm spoilt when it comes to shopping! (perhaps we need a simply be too hint hint!)

Anyhow first here's an outfit I've been slowly assembling for months:
First the no longer available:
Bag @ M&S
Belt @ Evans (with Jeans)
Leggings @ Evans

Now the stuff you can still buy (just!):
Cardi @ H&M (size L 18-20)
Cami @ Asos (size24)
Boots @ Evans (see below for size help!)

I love the above photo it was an impromptu photo call in-front of the Humber Bridge because of the amazing sunset! Here are some more:
The detail on this camisole is very pleasing-for £12.50 it is a total knock out! The fabric is fairly thin (it is a summer top) and a 24 is a little big on me, but I wanted to belt it so I didn't mind more fabric.
Ooh look a side-on sitting down photo, since I've got my legs out I may as well get adventurous with the posing! I think this is my worst angle ever but in all fairness this is what I look like! 

On to these fab boots- I am in love with these boots!
I bought these in a size 5, they are the EEE wide fitting. These babies are available here

As mentioned earlier I am spoiled being able to go to Evans shops on my travels. I know some folk can't get  to a store, so here's some measuring:

From the floor to the top of the boot is 14inches (36cm) the circumference of my calf at the top of the boot(widest point) is 17inches these boots are snug on me at the top  -17 inches is the top limit for these boots. The fur unfolds if you wanted to wear more brown on show (the same measurement restriction applies, 17inches is the limit)

My ankle is 9 inches (23cm)  these boots (as with all Evans boots) are roomy on my ankles I reckon you could get away with an ankle circumference of 11 maybe 12 inches.

I have loads more reasonably priced/sensible booty to show you- I am trying to buy sensible things! Now we have the house I have to break it gently to the party dresses and accessories that they can't come home with me :-( 


  1. Wow, you have a lot of good shops to choose from *jealous* x

  2. i really love your cardi and your boots! so glad you had a fun shopping week :)


  3. That is a FAB outfit; looking perfectly Autumnal. Hull does sound a bit like a plus size Mecca! Will have to plan a visit at some point. Jen x

  4. That sounds like some ideal shopping right there! I think I would plan a trip to Hull just to go to all those stores. Being from the States I don't actually get to shop at any of those physical stores - only online.

    I like the top with the stripes and what a comfy looking cardigan. Those boots are seriously divine! They look perfect for the colder weather and are just adorable on you.


  5. I love your whole ensemble.Very cute. And cozy..
    ---> PHATPINAY

  6. Wowser, very much jealous at your choice in shopping....we've only got a Yours and fairly big New Look Inspire section....oh and some pretty shoddy evans outlets/concessions but dont get me started on that!

    The outfit is lovely, and it looks (even if it isnt) properly autumnal attire. I love the boots....Evans boots this season were probably the only thing I truly lusted at, and they look just as good in the flesh.

    But great pictures, including the arty sat down shot!

  7. Wow! Hull sounds great to me! ^^d
    If I`m ever in that part of the world again, will check it out for sure. ^^d
    Love your outfit! So cute ^^<3
    Have a fabulous day! MMxoxo

  8. definitely LOVE the boots. THANKS FOR SHARING.. always looking for wide calf options!!

    terrific picture with the bride. beautiful.

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