Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Upstaged by a Mermaid!

He, he! I've been to Brighton again! One of the fantastic things about Brighton (there are many!) is the street art, this photo op was too good to pass up! Although I didn't count on being up staged in my OOTD ...fair play to her she is a gorgeous auburn haired beauty! 

Another great thing about Brighton is having the chance to dress up. On this occasion I broke out my new swallow print bird dress from New Look. This was a rather guilty purchase, since I bought it (on-line!) just before Christmas for myself! (ooh I'm so naughty!) I'm so glad I did! Anyhow on-line this dress looks pink. but it really is a salmon colour. It happens to go with my salmon cardi, also bought from New Look, last year. I think an advantage of buying things from certain shops is their helpful wallet emptying way of stocking 'things that go with other things'!

Still this dress is great, it's made from a casual jersey, it's easy to dress down and is warm and well constructed, plus it has pockets (I'm really warming to hands are too!) The gathering at the waist is stretchy and drapes really well. I ordered a 24 but I could have got away with a 22 easily, I guess that's one of the downfalls of not having a new look close by, It's not easy for me to try on now :-( This dress has been washed and I'm happy to report it washes and dries well (Iron not needed, woop!) Overall this dress is a big win!

This dress is available here. in some sizes (incidentally the one that appears pink is salmon and I spyed the blue one today instore which is actually green, confusing eh?!)

Dress @ New Look
Cardi @ New Look
Leggings @ Evans
Boots @ Next
Belt @ ASOS


  1. I was looking at his dress instore today and it is just beautiful, it looks lovely on you, I really might have to get it now! xx

  2. I love the print of this dress and it is very flattering on you. The cardigan is a very lovely color as well and I love the Mermaid mural, I simply love mermaids.


  3. see, the more that I see this dress, the more I love it! I almost purchased it when I made a trip to Derby yesterday but resisted....

    It looks so lovely on you, especially with the cardi and the way you've styled it....

    But I agree with the problems of ordering online...I've lost a slight bit of weight recently so anytime I order anything, it tends to be too big or too small....but at least I've a somewhat decent Inspire range in my home town!

  4. I have this too and blooged about it recently.
    I'm a big fan of the swallow print as u can see. x

  5. I can't believe how many of us have this dress! I've got it in the green - as has my friend!! She's such a copycat..haha.