Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Leopard print Yorkshire bottom!

So here's something a bit different! I wasn't sure about a leopard print mini skirt, It's something I would have worn as a teenager, but I'm supposed to be growing up, not down! Anyhow since leggings are in for the foreseeable future I have been steadily investing in dresses, tunics and now apparently mini skirts!

Originally I was thinking of wearing a tunic with this skirt but I settled for a shorter top in the end. This skirt is actually great, my plan is to wear it with neutral colours, in an effort to create a classier look.

My bottom is perched on a little piece of Yorkshire in Oxfordshire, This was taken outside the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxfordshire and is a boulder taken from the beach on the East coast of Yorkshire, which is odd, it's like a little piece of home!
Top @ ASOS curve v.old but my favourite
Cardi @ Evans
Skirt @ New Look
Leggings @ Evans
Bag @ M&S
Boots @ Evans
Necklace @ Accessorise


  1. Well keep going down in age as this skirt looks amazing on you sexy and classy all at once. xxx

  2. Wow, you look stunning! I absolutely adore this outfit.


  3. I have a major leopard print obsession, I may have hunt you down and steal this from you!! ;) Looking fabulous honey xxx

  4. Thanks girlies! I love a bit of leopard too! I think it can look pretty classy if done right! Plus I also love 50's leopard print, its kinda sexy without being too wag!

  5. Really loving the skirt! In fact I now rather want one, even though I'm not usually a fan of leopard print....this has quite persuaded me! I think the fact its standing out by itself allows it to be a much classier affair. You look lovely!