Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking Back...

2011 was an odd year! I knew it would be a difficult one and back in January wasn't entirely sure I would get to the end without some kind of meltdown.

2011 has consisted of: three jobs, one redundancy, two company closures, two months of unemployment, leaving our home of 4 and a half years, putting our whole life in storage 250 miles apart (Hull & Sussex!), lodging with a crazy lady, being homeless for 6 weeks or so, living out of B&B's (staying in one place where the bathroom was ripped out whilst we were at work, no joke, no shower that day either!) oh and buying a house.  Phew talk about one or two changes!

We also did some pretty exciting things too, we went to Ireland for a family marriage blessing, met some brilliant new people in Oxfordshire, kept in touch with some lovely people from home, bought a house (fun as well as stressful!) oh and discovered an excellent pub within cycling distance!

On a personal blogging level, I attended Plus London 2011, and went to FSS both of which were a lot of fun. I put together some half decent outfits or I think so at least! My favourite being this one:
My favourite outfit of 2011: pictured on  a remote part of the west coast of Ireland.
This photo makes me feel like a mermaid! 

I gathered one or two new followers! I am so grateful for all you patient people who follow me and my ramblings! So would like to give a shout out to a few folk who read my posts and take time to comment, apologies if I've missed any of you out, I only went back a couple of months before I realised I have to get off the sofa soon!

Wishing everyone who reads my little corner of the internet a Happy new year, however you celebrate it! Will see you in the new year!

W x


  1. happy new year wendy , Hope this year brings u happyness xxxx

  2. Happy New Year, its been a pleasure to read your blog over the last few months so am wishing you a great 2012 filled with joy, fun and frolics, and lots of great adventures. Oh, and I totally got a kick out of seeing my name there!

  3. Happy New Year! May 2012 be a little less....eventful! I've seen the New Year in with a Terra Nova fest, broken up with 15 minutes of BBC1 so we could see the fireworks, and washed it all down with vodka and absinthe cocktails x

  4. P.S. I love your mermaid outfit and the scenery is to die for.

  5. Happy New Year!!! Love your outfit!!! Now following! xoxo

  6. Wow.. you went thru a lot last year ne.
    Hope this one will be fabulous for you! ^^v
    Happy New Year! ^^v MMxoxo
    Ps. Love the dress! ^^d

  7. Sounds like an eventful year. Lets hope 2012 is a bit more settled for you & I'm looking forward to reading your blog as I've just become a member. x

  8. Aww thanks for the mention honey. Love your blog!! X x thank you for always taking the time to read and comment on mine too x x

  9. I love that striped dress on you- so so pretty!

  10. Here's to a successful 2012 for you! Love the outfit you picked out as your fave of 2011 :)

  11. awwww well I am so glad I found you!
    I hope you had a wonderfull New Years and Chrissy!
    I can't wait to see where 2012 takes you!

  12. the dress is lovely on you! congrats :D