Sunday, 15 January 2012

H&M... again!

I've been raiding H&M again!

Rightio first things first lets get the aside out of the way first:
I've been looking for a good quality plain white long sleeve top with a scoop neck (picky I know) for a smart occasion. I tried this one from New Look, It is of a reasonable quality but it is cream not white at all, unfortunately I had to pay for delivery and order two sizes (20&24, no 22's!) to find this out (one of which I will return-I am keeping the 20 for layering)! As I really needed a white top I went back to the drawing board. To be honest I didn't even bother with Evans (they think smart is an ill fitting white shirt with gaping buttons!) I tried M&S and was surprised to find their tops were all much too thin. In the end I went to H&M   and did manage to score an appropriate top, for £7.99, still a little thin but not too bad.

Anyway whilst in H&M I saw this shirt at £12.99 it would be rude not to eh? This is a sz24, tho I tried on the sz22 and there was barely any difference! I'm really feeling navy at the moment and I haven't bought anything dotty for a while, I tend to shy away from close fitting regular dots as they just mark out the curves I am less keen to display!  Here I added some gold to bling it up a bit (was worried I would have that 'bank cashier uniform' going on!) I think coral would work well too, just need to dig some out from somewhere!
This shirt is lightweight and very easy to wear (I'm freezing here, it has been bitterly cold today!)
I am trying to face my worst angle to show you how the back of things look and add variety to the blog, we usually take these pictures and I never like them! tho this shirt is long at the back and I wanted to show you, please excuse the colour in this shot, the light was very strong. (it was the 'golden hour' I refer you here to Claire's post which often passes through my mind as the sun is lowering in the sky) 
We are lucky enough to live near open fields, so I often sit in the evening with one eye on the sunset, it's very therapeutic and often quite beautiful.
A closer up shot of the dots...
and a last view out across the field.
Jeans @ Evans
Cami @ Peacoks
Shirt @ H&M
Belt @ ASOS
Necklace, probably Accessorise!


  1. It is a really beautiful light to shoot in. Loving the H&M shirt. Funny how some brands suddenly knock the nail on the head - but its only ever for a short period. Its New Look for me at the moment. I know it wont last long so I'm enjoying it while it does!

  2. I love that shirt, I think it looks quite versatile too, like its open to be trotted out to many occassions. I have to agree though that loving a shop or brand never lasts, and that its changes into meh-ness, but I figure thats because designers and buyers probably start off in plus size brands and then leave for straight sizes if they do well!

  3. I love your blog and you look really great!

    /Therese from Sweden

  4. I love this shirt!
    And I don't think thats a bad angle at all- you look gorgeous!