Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Day out in London.

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting a lot of lovely ladies! I went up to London for the Plus Fashion Bloggers Meet. I actually started out the day feeling quite nervous, meeting many fashioistas coupled with being a bit new to this game really throws up the question of what the heck do I wear?! I went for my stripey/flowery summer dress from New Look (this one!) (and boy was I glad of it once the sun got going!)

Anyway having successfully navigated Clapham Junction I arrived at Waterloo I met the gang and we were all given a Simply Be gift bag with a London A-Z, a cute little mirror and a discount code for our next order. Many thanks to Devon and Jo for organising the gift bags and Simply be for providing them. After a quick chat we headed over to the London Eye for a photo call.

The Girls at the London Eye.

Then we went onwards to an open top bus tour, the ticket man gave us a discount and flagged us down an almost empty double decker bus so we could all sit together on the top deck. Our tour lady was lovely -it was her first day on the job, she was very good although neglected to mention that our bus changed from a red tour to a yellow tour halfway through, making it a little longer bus ride than we would have liked!

Anyway after learning about Cleopatra's needle (twice) and the Brazil festival (twice) we alighted for lunch at Somerset House. We had a little quiz with Devon as our quiz master, our team - Team B(eautiful!) won in the end thanks to our vast knowledge of animals beginning with the letter N! I ended up with an item of my choice from Simply Be (which was an awesome prize!). As the weather was so hot we had a paddle in the fountain which cooled our feet down no end.

After lunch we did a spot of shopping, London shops are amazing! the Topshop accessories floor alone was jaw dropping! I could have spent hundreds! We then went on to the New Look flagship store (which now stocks Inspire wohoo!) and then The Evans Flagship store followed by a quick dash into Selfridges (at this point my stamina disappeared and I headed home, feeling very tired!) I think the group did well to stay together for as long as we did, it was so busy but we managed to get all the way to Evans together.

I bought a great maxi dress from Evans with some vouchers from Work (I will review at some point soon).

I think my fashion highlight of the day was Kat's (from Plus Size Beauty) toenails! Gold foil animal print, cool eh?! Plus some great sandals there too!

Anyway I had better go now I have cakes that won't decorate themselves!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Too cute!

This is a fabulous little blog I just have to share it. As a cake decorator I appreciate the skill involved here, as small things are so so much harder to perfect than the big things. I would take a four tiered wedding cake over 100 cupcakes any day!

Anyway it is part of the cheezburger network and its just adorable!
Click on this link: Too Cute! for some cute stuff!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Flashback: What to do with white trousers?!

So here's a bit of inspiration for Kat over at Plus Size Beauty and a a flashback post inspired by Em over at Oh, The Places You'll Go! Two blogs that I love to visit on a regular basis!

Anyhow this picture was taken around three years ago now on a day trip to a Maize Maze. It is my take on what to do with white trousers! This was a particularly hot day and I am being very good at covering up here, I seem to have come a long way this year having bared my arms in public, something I would not have done even last year!

Shirt @ New look
Cami @ Monsoon
Trousers @ Can't remember!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

OOTD: Clubbing BBQ!

Here's what I wore last night to a friends BBQ. This one was a bit difficult since it's an annual BBQ that sometimes ends in clubbing! I bought this top in New look because I really like the white edging, I have layered it with a top from ASOS just so there's a bit more arm covearage, and because it was actually quite cold here yesterday too. I spent a while trying to accessorise this one and went for fairly minimal in the end- although it seems I'm never without a bangle nowadays!

ps. do you like my bunting? I'm making it for an event at work.

Ruffle Top @ New Look
Plain top @ ASOS
Jeans @ New Look
Belt @ Evans
Bangle @ Primark
Necklace @ Dorothy Perkins
Shoes @ New Look

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Back to Black.

Ok last post for this weekend, here is my black maxi dress from e-bay. Wohoo! This photo doesn't do it justice as the sun was rather bright! (and we were running late for the cinema!) I was going to buy one of the ASOS ones but I thought this one might actually suit me better. It is a light crinkle viscose and falls really nicely, there is a neck tie but its tucked in as I like straight cuts better. The belt is from Evans last year and the beads are Accessorise (they are great, again not being done justice in this photo!)  

Beads @ Accessorise
Belt @ Evans
Bangle @ Evans
Dress @ ebay:

Life's not a Lemon and I'm keeping my nail polish!

I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish at work but I am totally on board with the ice cream colours for the weekend. This one is 17 Lasting fix Sherbet Lemon and its great, looks especially good on toes!

Nails 17 Lasting Fix Sherbet Lemon.

Party all the time!

I was lucky enough to go to a fabulous party last night with the other half, it was to celebrate an big anniversary for his work. Now then given that I didn't know anyone and given how helpful boys are about what to wear I was on my own in the outfit decision dilemma! Anyhow as it was very hot so I opted for a short summer dress which I bought from New look a couple of years ago, alas no longer available but if one does come up on e-bay its a worthwhile investment! The belt is from Next (bought straight from the shop in an XL, they have some superb belts and they can cope with my waist (I refer you to blog title!). Shoes were also from Next a couple of  years back and are very versatile.

Dress @ New Look
Shoes @ Next
Belt @ Next
Bag @ TK Maxx
Pashmina @ a nice man with a stall in the high street!

 Here is a close up showing my splash of colour for the evening which was lemon (I do have a (formerly) beautiful lemon pashmina but I put it through the wash and its just not the same!) Anyway I love lemon and I think it goes beautifully with black and white (just softens the monochrome a bit). The butterflies are from a little shop in Brighton sensation -they do some gorgeous things. I will get on to the nails in a bit! My glasses are Prada, I'm unlucky to be rather short sighted so lenses cost a fortune -hence I always buy designer glasses in the hope they will last a bit longer!

Glasses @ Prada
Necklace  @ Accessorise
Butterflies @ Sensation
Nails - 17 Lasting fix Sherbert Lemon @ Boots

I couldn't resist a pic of the posh tent! Possibly the best Marquee I have ever been in, it had leather sofas chandeliers and the dance floor was sprung!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Please Mr Postman..

Well I'm shortly off to pick up a package from my local post office depot in town (despite living next to my village post office, madness eh?!) which will hopefully be a black maxi dress from e-bay. Now then do any of you girls buy accessories before you have the clothes to go with them?! I tottered off to the sales on Thursday (something I'm a little too good at!) and came back with a brown belt and necklace to wear with a black maxi. I know this combination is not going to set the fashion world on fire but I decided it was the last maxi I needed in my collection. (is it me or do summer clothes seem on their way out, I want to hang on to summer this year!) I will post a pic if it's a win!

I'm going to a summer ball tonight so will have an outfit post for tomorrow too.

Before I get going here are a few of my other sale gems, and my teapot filled with flowers, I was inspired by a friend at work, so I got my teapot out having not used it for three years and now I use it every day!

Teapot @ Royal Doulton (symmetry)
Gold bangle @ Evans
Coloured Bangle @ Accessorise
Flowers @ my garden!

Necklace @ Accessorise (£2.50!)

Necklace @ Accessorise

Friday, 2 July 2010

99 Red Balloons!

Time to send some love Evans' way! I haven't bought much at all lately, as the fit of things has been ..well not too good - lets leave it at that eh?! I hope some positivity might make them realise which styles look good which might lead to some more nice clothes!

I saw this top a little while ago and really liked it so I tried it on (or should I say attempted to!) in my normal size, anyhow to cut a long story short this is a size 26! (the Jeans are a 20!) It had a panel in the v at the front which I chopped out with no remorse! The top sits better without it and it makes it more flexible since I can wear different camis underneath. It washes and irons really well (up to now).

top @ Evans
jeans @ Evans
shoes @ Faith
necklace @ Accessorise