Sunday, 11 July 2010

Party all the time!

I was lucky enough to go to a fabulous party last night with the other half, it was to celebrate an big anniversary for his work. Now then given that I didn't know anyone and given how helpful boys are about what to wear I was on my own in the outfit decision dilemma! Anyhow as it was very hot so I opted for a short summer dress which I bought from New look a couple of years ago, alas no longer available but if one does come up on e-bay its a worthwhile investment! The belt is from Next (bought straight from the shop in an XL, they have some superb belts and they can cope with my waist (I refer you to blog title!). Shoes were also from Next a couple of  years back and are very versatile.

Dress @ New Look
Shoes @ Next
Belt @ Next
Bag @ TK Maxx
Pashmina @ a nice man with a stall in the high street!

 Here is a close up showing my splash of colour for the evening which was lemon (I do have a (formerly) beautiful lemon pashmina but I put it through the wash and its just not the same!) Anyway I love lemon and I think it goes beautifully with black and white (just softens the monochrome a bit). The butterflies are from a little shop in Brighton sensation -they do some gorgeous things. I will get on to the nails in a bit! My glasses are Prada, I'm unlucky to be rather short sighted so lenses cost a fortune -hence I always buy designer glasses in the hope they will last a bit longer!

Glasses @ Prada
Necklace  @ Accessorise
Butterflies @ Sensation
Nails - 17 Lasting fix Sherbert Lemon @ Boots

I couldn't resist a pic of the posh tent! Possibly the best Marquee I have ever been in, it had leather sofas chandeliers and the dance floor was sprung!

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