Friday, 2 July 2010

99 Red Balloons!

Time to send some love Evans' way! I haven't bought much at all lately, as the fit of things has been ..well not too good - lets leave it at that eh?! I hope some positivity might make them realise which styles look good which might lead to some more nice clothes!

I saw this top a little while ago and really liked it so I tried it on (or should I say attempted to!) in my normal size, anyhow to cut a long story short this is a size 26! (the Jeans are a 20!) It had a panel in the v at the front which I chopped out with no remorse! The top sits better without it and it makes it more flexible since I can wear different camis underneath. It washes and irons really well (up to now).

top @ Evans
jeans @ Evans
shoes @ Faith
necklace @ Accessorise


  1. Its a lovely outfit ;-) ..just shows how evans sizing is sooo way off atm

  2. Thanks honey! I know The sizing is so strange, everyone is different but I don't think my shape is highly unusual and I'm not a 26! I wouldn't normally keep trying if a 24 doesn't fit since then it just gets ridiculous, but I did really like this and £25 is a reasonable price for a top. I think part of the reason I get annoyed in Evans at the moment is because things just dont fit properly :-(

  3. You look so nice and summery!

    PS: Yeh, it can be a bugger with sizing as they tend to differ between stores. I can differentiate stores that stock puny so called plus size clothes (when in fact it's just a AUS size 12 in most stores) to proper curvy sizes now. hah! =p